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Tuesday, July 24, 2007


I woke up this morning and I find myself plunging into my old self again. I’m losing my focus again. Drifting into that blackness. I find it very easy to go back into that old bad habit. I thought my fight was over. I thought I am free and in control of my thoughts but, I am wrong. Goddamn wrong. I am losing focus.
I entered that mad circle again. My mad world. Something is wrong with me. I feel I’m lost again and need to find that "fire within". I’M PROCRASTINATING AGAIN!
I have to make a change. A lasting change. And I have to find that courage again.
Life’s a bit too short to be crying over my lost opportunities and mistakes.

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Yodi de Veas Insigne is one of those delusional sorts who imagines himself a useful contributor to the greater blogosphere (Well, that's what he's trying to accomplish).

He started blogging for three reasons:

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3. He want to sleep at night.

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