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Saturday, February 15, 2020

67,000 Dreams | [Part 2 of 3] The Story of Carl Gustav Jung | Educational Films [BBC 1972]

Depicts the travels of psychologist Carl Gustav Jung and explains the development of his major theories and concepts. Discusses the collective unconscious, the psychology of types, the psyche in space and time and the importance of myth and intuition to the complete man. Part of a series that examines Jung's life and work, presented by Laurens van der Post, a friend of Jung's for 15 years. Shows how a married couple deals with the birth of their first child. Examines some of the problems and anxieties which can accompany first births in a hospital environment.
Credits : Public Media Inc / Films Incorporated Video

Educational Films: The Story of Carl Gustav Jung Part 2: 67000 Dreams [BBC 1972] 
Jung, C. G. (Carl Gustav), 1875-1961; British Broadcasting Corporation. Television Service; Time-Life Films

Publication date:  1972
Topics:  Jung, C. G. (Carl Gustav), 1875-1961, Jung, C. G. (Carl Gustav), 1875-1961
Publisher:  BBC Worldwide - British Broadcasting Corporation
Collections: Educational Films / Ephemeral Films

This three-part series from the archives of the BBC explores the life and work of one of psychology’s most innovative practitioners, Carl Gustav Jung. Filmed on location in Switzerland, the programs include rare interviews with Jung in which he discusses his relationship with Sigmund Freud, the significance of dreams, and his viewpoints on religion and death. Jung disciple Laurens van der Post and BBC’s John Freedman host the programs. 3-part series, 31 minutes each.

Part 1: In Search of the Soul |
Deals with his childhood and student years and describes his relationship to and break with Freud

Part 2: 67000 Dreams  |
Presents his major theories and concepts; 

Part 3: Mystery That Heals |
Deals with his old age and his attitudes toward Christianity and death.

Time Tag:
02:14 Jung's Thoroughness 
The Swiss mountains are profoundly symbolic for Carl Jung. Laurens Van der Post discusses Jung's exploration of modern man's unconsciousness.

04:00 Extrovert/Introvert 
Laurens Van der Post discusses Carl Jung's understanding of his conflict with Sigmund Freud. Each human being has four functions and individuation must be fulfilled for the wholeness of man.

01:49 Speaking a Common Language 
Laurens Van der Post believes Jung's "Psychology of Types" is important to mankind. He discusses Jung's belief that man will be sick until he learns to understand his psyche.

02:05 Priesthood of the Suffering 
Laurens Van der Post discusses Carl Jung's understanding of humankind's disassociation with faith; tension is a valuable tool. Experts believe that finding a meaning in neurosis causes positive transformation.

02:38 Internal Support 
Laurens Van der Post discusses the number two personality that Carl Jung's personifies in the drawing of Philemon.

03:07 Küsnacht Fortress
Laurens Van der Post recalls Carl Jung's state of mind and lifestyle at Küsnacht. Van der Post recalls Jung discussing modern man's inability to live the symbolic life.

02:01 A Revolutionary Approach to Dreams 
Carl Jung's Bollingen retreat reveals his lifelong dialogue with stone. Laurens Van der Post discusses Jung's attitude toward dreams.

03:45 Proving the Collective Unconscious
In 1926, Carl Jung nears the end of his dream theory explorations in the heart of the African jungles. This trip to Africa makes a profound impression on Jung.

03:18 Man's Constant Patterns 
Laurens Van der Post discusses Carl Jung's discovery of a thread of continuity between past and present, including the anima and animus archetypes.

03:55 Last Order of Life
Laurens Van der Post discusses Carl Jung's contemplation of man's place and function in the world. Jung forms a principle considering man's concept of time.
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