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Friday, October 12, 2018

Chinese Visa Application G-transit visa for seafarers - Letter of Invitation for Joining Crew NOT Required.

Sample Chinese Visa Type G Transit for Seaman / Seafarers

Please take note that visa applications send by shipping agencies at the Chinese Embassy starting January 2013 will no longer be lodged in the visa counters.  There is a drop box inside the Chinese Embassy which authorized representatives may drop their respective applications.  In this regards, complete set of application with requirements as follows are strictly needed, otherwise incomplete requirements may cause refusal or delay of visa processing.

Requirements for G-transit visa for seafarers:

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Port of Vancouver BC, Canada - Filipino Seaman Crew Change Guide & Port Information

Vancouver Port, Canada
Source: Port of Vancouver, Wikipedia
The Port of Vancouver was the name of the largest port in Canada, the largest in the Pacific Northwest, and the largest port on the West Coast of North America by metric tons of total cargo, with 76.5 million metric tons.[1] The port amalgamated with the Fraser River Port Authority and the North Fraser Port Authority in 2008 to form Port Metro Vancouver.

Vancouver is the 50th largest port in the world.

Port Name      :  Port of Vancouver BC
Country          :  Canada

Nearest Airport (International)   :  Vancouver International Airport

Estimated time of travel from airport to seaport: It is approximately 1 to 1.5 hrs transit to vessel at berth

Monday, October 08, 2018

Port of São Francisco do Sul, Brazil - Filipino Seaman Crew Change Guide & Port Information

The Port of Sao Francisco do Sul is a small port in São Francisco do Sul municipality in the Brazilian state of Santa Catarina.

Port Name      :  
Sao Francisco do Sul

Country          :  

Nearest Airport (International) :  
Guarulhos Intl Airport (GRU) at São Paulo City
Nearest Airport (Domestic)        :   Curitiba (CWB) Domestic Airport or the Afonso Pena Airport

Estimated time of travel from airport to seaport:  No data

The very first brazillian airport is Guarulhos (GRU) placed at São Paulo City, when crewmembers will arrive and after all formalities, they will take a domestic flight to Curitiba (CWB). From Curitiba, a driver will bring them to the hotel at São Francisco do Sul where they will wait for the vessel to board or they will directly board the vessel depending on berthing schedule.

Possible Flight Route: Sample Only

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