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W E L C O M E to, a blog dedicated for unconventional people doing remarkable things. I'm glad you are here. sand writings


“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” - Mark Twain

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My idea of a perfect blog is something that readers want to EXPLORE, a site where they can share their DREAMS [and frustrations] and a blog which can help people DISCOVER useful information -  this is my blog mission.


Thus, is a blog magazine about travel and lifestyle. Here you can find posts about Pinoy lifestyle and things that somehow deals with something I'm good at (even if I'm not sure what are those) or things that I find interesting. Articles on this blog are mix of: travel tips and information on travel destinations (based on my personal travel experiences); travel hacking; events reporting; commentaries and personal opinion pieces.

Sometimes this blog also serves as a record of my eccentricity, expression of thoughts, shenanigans and personal musings – which I’m trying to avoid because I believe “ideas and information” are more important than useless personal rant about me, myself and I - who cares about what I ate for lunch anyway.

Last January 2011, as part of monetizing this blog, I decided to include lifestyle and information posts including product reviews, promos and events reporting, instructional how-to, case studies and hopefully I could also post some interesting interviews and Q&A's.

The Master of
Yodi Insigne as Jedi Master

The name Yodi de Veas Insigne is the name behind this blog, inspired by the famous Jedi Master Yoda and the concept of the “Force.” 

This is my personal header on my first blog at (now abandoned)

Quick Notes from Me: 

Reading blogs, you may trip through the absurd or you may stumble upon the profound.  

Large or small, experienced or new, hilarious or heartfelt, blogs and bloggers are shaping mundane or national  conversations, changing how we consume and share information, 

and inspiring emotion through shared images, experiences and passions.

As for me, I started blogging for three reasons: 

1. I always felt I have something important to say,

2. Books can make me cry, 

3. I want to sleep at night.

And of course I'm one of those delusional sorts who imagines myself a useful contributor to the greater blogosphere (Well that's what I'm trying to accomplish). 

Being a good story teller is a must if you do blogging. But posting a story in the internet with an audience of a billion people - opinionated, anonymous, interrupting, interpreting, interjecting and plain lazy and most of the time crazy? That requires more than just talent, it requires super power! - so I just write, either you read my posts or leave.      

I am not a professional writer and creating this blog helps me in discovering more unusual things about myself. This blog is kind of a big deal to me now and I call it home.

I love books, travel, movies, freethinking, some philosophy stuff (Stoicism) and I dream of having a Ph.D. someday. I have a little vice, which is black coffee and cashew nuts. I don't smoke, I laugh a lot, sleep a lot and think a lot. I am sometimes reserved and distant to outsider although I often have a great deal of wit and esprit.

On this blog, I encourage all visitors to give feedback and intelligent comments, share ideas, insights and related experiences.

Let's all bring balance to the blogosphere!

Yodi de Veas y Insigne

-The bastard son of Master Yoda-
01 September 2010
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