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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Shut Up

It’s raining outside. I thought it’s still early for work but when I checked the time I’m shocked because I’m already late for office. Morning passed by as usual. It’s a routine. I thought everything was normal but something I’ve said ruins my morning and probably my whole day.
It is just meant to be a joke and morning greeting. Like saying "hello how’s your morning" but I’ve said it wrong. I joke about somebody’s health condition. I’ve been doing it before. But I didn’t realize that she is in bad mood today and somebody told me that she cried because I make her remember her health misfortunes.
Sometimes my sense of humor hurts people.
But I’ve learned something today. Never ever joke about other people’s sickness or disadvantages. It’s ok if they, themselves, are joking about it but not coming from anybody.
And I MUST remember the golden rule:

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