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Friday, December 29, 2006

The Man with Defective Fingerprints


Dear SSS Member Relations:

I had a frustrating yet funny experience in SSS Pasig Branch.

I took a half-day leave for work, which is a big sacrifice for me last December 27, 2006 to apply for Social Security ID (E-6) in SSS Office-Pasig City.

I patiently waited in line for processing at 1:00 p.m. I submitted the E-6 form and finished the first step which is the VERIFICATION. Then waited again in another line for photo capture. Since only one photocapturing machine was available it took me 3 hours to be serviced, which I do understand.

After all my effort MY APPLICATION WAS DENIED!

I inquired why. The courteous lady (thank God she is courteous), told me its because I have DEFECTIVE FINGERPRINTS! She wrote that exact words at the very top my E-6 form in red ink. What? Is there such a thing as defective fingerprints? She told me the machine cannot detect the prints of my right thumb and right index finger. I do understand because I'm living alone and I have to do all the house chores and so the skin in my fingers is a little bit irregular. I realized that what she meant was UNCLEAR prints and not DEFECTIVE. But she keeps on referring to it as DEFECTIVE all throughout our conversation which is really disturbing.

The photocapturing lady advised me that I have to wait till my fingerprints get back to normal before she can process my digitized ID. How sad, really sad. Because as I observed, my right thumb and index finger is just like that for the past 3 years. I explained it to her and inquired if there's any alternative because I really need my digitized ID. Then suddenly, the smiles of the photocapturing-courteous lady vanished as if telling me "You must stop working within 6 months for your fingerprints to get back to normal", which also means me & my family will die of starvation.

Really funny.

Well, I really don't like arguing with office secretaries or other staffs because I know they are just following procedures and just doing their jobs or simply tired & bored to it.

But maybe somebody from the Member Relations can help or advise me what to do, or is there any alternative or other procedure that a member can take if he/she is declared to have DEFECTIVE FINGERPRINTS?

What is the procedure if a member has finger disfigurement or deformity? (Well I'm not planning to cut-off my fingers, I'm just curious.)

If you are planning to advise me to just buy hand lotions, well I already did and bought extra pack.



The Guy With Defective Fingerprints

I still have the copy of my E-6 form with me signed by the validating officer.

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