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Friday, April 29, 2011

Moronic Wisdom Tooth » Odontectomy and Forced Penitence

Everyone’s got to have one vanity. Mine is my complete set of permanent teeth with two wisdom teeth that popped up in my early 20’s. They say you are so lucky if you end up having great teeth that are permanent without the help of a dentist. Well I guess I’m lucky or maybe I got this from my father who also has perfectly aligned teeth. Another way to have great teeth is of course if you have so much money and you can spare some for what we consider as celebrity’s vanity. Though imagining I’m a celebrity is sometimes included on my hot afternoon daydreaming sessions (and I know you did too), I am not spending a fortune on my teeth. My vanity only includes a regular whitening toothpaste, nice toothbrush, floss and annual prophylaxis.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Ilocos Tour » Sinking Bell Tower and McDonalds’ Rising Golden Arch

Laoag was still slumbering when we arrived at around 5:00 am. We made a quick stop at the Laoag City Central Plaza at the foot of the magnificent Don Mariano Marcos Bridge also known as Gilbert Bridge and the third longest bridge in the Philippines. The only restaurant open was the ever-present McDonalds. It’s a good thing this McDo branch has free WiFi - literally our one hand was holding our smartphones updating status on Facebook and Twitter, the other hand was doing the most important thing in the morning, which is breakfast. (Seems crazy because Facebook and Twitter are now vying for the most-important-thing in the morning category.)

With full stomach and Facebook status updated, we are now ready for a quick plaza tour. We first checked out the St. William the Hermit Cathedral and the Sinking Bell Tower.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Ilocos Tour – Laoag, City of Sunshine » Waking up in the Sparkling Gem of Ilocandia

Then I woke up, noted where I am and started thinking “Are we really in Laoag? And alive to blog about it? Fascinating!”

This is the wonder of wandering around, you hastily jump in a van, sleep and let the driver take charge of you life, dream of a far off destination and wake up in unfamiliar place. Waking up in the same place every morning is boring, so I have to take a few out-of-goddamn-Manila trips once in a while.

Having this Ilocos tour is one of my ideal backpacking trips because this part of the Philippines can take in both stunning scenery, culture and history, and city life. Ilocos is also included in the top backpacking destinations in the Philippines because it offers an unbeatable combination of urban life, significant Spanish heritage points and jaw-dropping scenery which doesn’t cost a fortune.

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