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The following are Yodisphere's collection of stories  to inspire you in your journey to your personal legend, because only YOU can motivate yourself!


» The Job Interview » Touching Story About Learning How to Appreciate Things

»   Holy Week Inspirational Story » On Purifying the World

»  Why Do We Shout In Anger?

»   The Tale of the Sands » Change Begins From Within

»  Last Year's Illness » The Blind Caterpillar Syndrome

» The Bamboo and the Fern, Reflections on Toxic Mondays

» Inspirational Story » The Cracked Pot

» The Only One Who Understands Love

» When You Lose Your Dreams, You Die

» Life is an Echo

» Are You A Duck or an Eagle?

» Are you a Carrot, an Egg, or Coffee Bean?

» The Blind Boy » Inspirational Story

» The Flaw

» The Sound of One Hand Clapping

» The Chick’s Lesson from Shit

» The School of Life and My Shoes

» Sand and Stone

» Wealth, Success or Love?

» What will you do if someone throw shits on you?

» Illuminated By Blindness

» The Bird Dog and the Pessimist

» The Carpenter's House

» The Wooden Bowl

» Looking for the Gold

» The Man in the Dungeon

» David and Goliath

» Acres of Diamonds

» The Right Foundation

» Love's Way

» The Black Balloon

» The Seven Affairs

» The Wolves

» The Mousetrap

» Doubt

» The Wedding Finger

» The Taste of Banzo's Sword

» Life Struggles

» The Important Things in Life

» The Son

» The Difference Between Heaven & Hell

» The Ass and the Mule

» The Three Trees

» Looking at the Wrong Side

» How Much Does A Miracle Cost

» Love and Sacrifice

» Kindness Pays

» Filipino Catholics in the Eyes of Foreigners

» A Mouse Trap Story

» I Love You Yodz Insigne

» Life is the Coffee

» To My Child - A Sad Dad's Poem

» Nice Reminder About Living Our Life


About the Blogger

Yodi Insigne
Yodi Insigne is one of those delusional sorts who imagines himself a useful contributor to the greater blogosphere (Well, that's what he's trying to accomplish).

He started blogging for three reasons:

1. He always felt he has something important to say,
2. Books can make him cry, and cliff jumping can make him high,
3. He want to sleep at night.

He is a self-certified bookworm, travel junkie, shutterbug, movie freak, Mangyan hiker who sleeps a lot and think a lot. He got a little vice, which is black coffee and cashew nuts. He got colorblindness on yellow and green - and he freaking loves it!

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