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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Mt. Cinco Picos » Do Not Aim for the Summit

Hiker trekking grassland trail of Mt. Cinco Picos in Zambales  hover_share
Success is not about how high you have reached, but the long hike and perseverance you endured.

This is the essence of Mt. Cinco Picos.  

During our recent climb, I felt fatigued. As I climb this mountain, there are times I felt I no longer have energy to climb any higher or any longer. There was an instant that I personally feel that this mountain has defeated me, that I am a quitter. But what I cannot do is cease to walk and just let go. 

So I walked on and on, moving painstakingly forward, but never giving up. I whispered to myself, “as long as I am walking and breathing, I am learning.” 


Sunday, July 13, 2014

Mt. Pico de Loro – If this Mountain Could Talk

Mt. Pico de Loro view of the summit resembling the parrot's beak hover_share
I found out this mountain can talk. 

At first, there is nothing interesting except for the usual muddy trail, common trees and bushes…but then small things begin to stand out along the trail - a white leaf floating against the blue sky, fallen flower against the gray rocks, tangled roots and vines and blooming mushrooms. 

At the middle of the trail, I told myself, now I see the trail as it really is; and again see and hear inspirations on simple things around me – most especially when I met that sleeping parrot at the summit – it was as if this mountain is saying and reminding me something! 

This mountain can talk. You just have to open your heart to hear the whispers of the trees and the streams and what this lonesome parrot has to say:


Thursday, June 19, 2014

Mag-Aso Falls » What Is So Great About Chasing Waterfalls?

hover_share Like a secret paradise - Mag-aso Falls with its turquoise water and surrounding greenery.
Yes, it appears I have been questioning myself about this – and I do like to pose questions to myself when I feel I need to do so, especially when I’m traveling. It never fails to offer me a refreshing gem of insights at the most unexpected place.  

So what’s so great about chasing waterfalls?

I asked myself this question during our side trip to Mag-aso Falls in Kabankalan City on our Negros Occidental random getaway. 

Under normal circumstances, I would have been at home doing DVD marathons or surfing the internet on weekend or long holidays. But my life’s circumstances ceased to be normal when I discovered the joy of climbing mountains or chasing waterfalls or by just being somewhere. I realized I hate routines.     

It was on this trip to Mag-aso Falls that I had this enlightening observation of the people around me. Maybe it’s a common-sense theory that I had never thought before – or maybe it’s a valid philosophical discovery.

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