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The Chronicles of Yodz was previously entitled “The Struggles of the Warrior of the Light” inspired by the author Paulo Coelho. It contains a few posts in 2004, totally neglected the following year and was revived in 2008.

I write a lot during high school - inspired by my teachers. One time in my life, I wished of becoming a writer – that is why  my subtitle reads “Taming the defiant psyche of a frustrated writer.” 

I changed the template, done a few code tweaking and tried as much as I can to update it. It was previously dedicated for philosophical notes on finding the “light” and other mind and human psyche stuff but I find it too rigorous for my simple and inexperienced mind. I created it more or less on a whim and later became my personal rant page and a record of anything that inspires me. I love reading and this blog is my way of sharing and recording the things that I find interesting.

This blog contains ideas and rants on personal effectiveness, family and interpersonal relationships, places and travel, humor, annoying and amusing things, pop culture, technology, commentaries on local politics and human idiosyncrasies in general. It also serves as a record of my eccentricity, shenanigans and personal musings – which I’m trying to avoid because I believe “ideas” are more important than useless personal rant about me, myself and I - Who cares about what I ate for lunch anyway.

If you are human, you will definitely find something interesting here.

The Author

The name Yodz de Veas y Insigne is the name behind this blog, inspired by the famous Jedi Master Yoda and the concept of the “Force.” Christian is my baptismal name, a name suggested by a Catholic priest and was accepted by my parents. 

Along the way I choose to become Yodz, - freethinker, introverted, agnostic, pragmatic, and a reliable realist. We are given free will, but choosing one’s name is reserved to our parents, hence I believe that it is our natural right to have a new name picked and chosen by ourselves.

I am currently pursuing my masters degree in a university somewhere (in short, hoping for a better job). I am amazed by web technology and hoping to develop a famous web application someday – I hope. Web  technology really inspires me. 

I am from the province of Occidental Mindoro - Republic of the Philippines, I.T. teacher by profession but currently trying to survive a corporate world. I love books, travel, freethinking and philosophy, coffee and peanuts. I sometimes seems reserved and distant to outsider although I often have a great deal of wit and esprit.

On this blog, I encourage all visitors to give feedback and intelligent comments, share ideas and thoughts.

Yodz de Veas y Insigne
Warrior of the Light

My Fellow Bloggers and visitors,
I'm having a slight memory gap :) so kindly leave your blog/website link at the comments section below, I'll check it out. If I find it amazing, I'll post it in my blog roll. Please don't post it in my message board.

Happy Browsing!

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