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Planet Eastgate

If it is true that there’s heaven in Earth then it’s also true that there’s hell in Earth, specifically in the Philippines, and more specifically in Manila. It’s been hell here in Manila since the summer started. The afternoon sun can really scorch you to death. There is evening rain for the last two nights but it offers a little help. The sun is really determined to destroy the Earth by fire.
I find that evening rain a little bit odd. It’s romantic but sad. Unpredictable.
That evening rain was announced by blinding lightning. That impenetrable darkness was occasionally cut by bladed light. From the window of that bored jeepney, I saw the street hedge gently sway from the occasional gust of wind. I am amazed because despite of my aching muscles and tired eyes, I noticed it. Because it’s odd, I supposed. I love odd things. It’s a nice deviation from a long months routine.
Then something hit me today. In my situation now –bored to death, broke, unhappy and without direction --- I must appreciate little things that I encounter everyday. It really makes a big difference. I know it’s tiring and hard to find the bright and positive side of everything but it’s really worth a try, and it’s a must for me in my current situation. It’s the only thing I can do to counter the terrible heat waves emitted by this unusual planet I called – EASTGATE – the nearest planet from the sun, discovered by the unsmiling dragons. Sometimes I love this planet. Sometimes not. Well, that’s life I guess. You have to learn to love the most hateful things and situations on the current planet you’re in or else you will die. Now I do believe Darwin’s theory of evolution, which states that the survival or extinction of each organism is determined by that organism's ability to adapt to its environment.

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