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I Think I Needed A More Mature Blog Entries

Today, I decided to read all my blog entries. I find it odd because, of all the online geeks out there, it should be me who should be reading and updating it more often for corrections, coherence and content. While reading my entries, I find it a little childish, which is understandable because I am childish. I think I needed more mature compositions nowadays, not that I am already 28, but because a more informative subjects is I think, more nicer to read. I also tried to check how old is my blog. I am surprised because it is already four years!

THE AGE OF MY BLOG (as of the date and time of this entry)
years: 4.60 months: 55 days: 1680 hours: 40312 minutes: 2418700 seconds: 145122013
Milli seconds: 14512201300 weeks: 11758 Day of My first Blog Tuesday

I sometimes feel like deleting some incoherent entries in this blog but I decided not to. I don’t care what others will say anyway. I think I should also start a new blog dedicated for the great and not so cool books I read and also for the movies I watched. And another blog regarding the development of my thesis.

Hmmm…. I really need to manage my time well then.

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