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Pink EDSA and the Cadena de Amor

When I’m stuck in heavy traffic in EDSA, which is expected as always, I usually detach myself from involving my already stressed self in the godforsaken stressful EDSA. I usually directed my focus on a book or listen to my MP3 player. This famous avenue, symbolizing unity and freedom is more famous for its angry drivers, angry passengers, overloaded and stinking buses, loud FM radio – always tuned in to “Tambalang Balasubas at Balahura,” sometimes funny and most of the time irritating, and of course, the terribly irritating and deafening blowing of horns. I don’t understand why drivers, especially bus drivers, kept on blowing their loud horns for no reason at all. I suggest that there should be a law limiting the number of horn-honking while in EDSA. Like the seatbelt law, a small wire should also be required to be connected to the drivers testicles so that when he exceeded the maximum number of horns per day, a device will blow up his balls, he he he. I’m thinking about this because, today, I’m stuck in terrible heavy traffic in EDSA, without a book to read, and I forgot to re-charge my MP3 player. Huh, bad week to start 2009.

Therefore, I have no choice but to set my system on CYM (Contemplating Yodz Mode). Then suddenly, the pink EDSA and the struggling Cadena de Amor caught my attention.

It was noticeable that MMDA is trying to paint EDSA pink - pink overpass, pink railings, pink signages, pink walls and the most noticeable are the pink and terribly stinking male urinals. And to complete the pink mood, they planted the Cadena de Amor all over EDSA. I’ve heard the “pink scheme” was Bayani Fernado’s idea. By the way, this MMDA chairperson is famous for unconventional traffic schemes, demolishing sidewalk vendors and other street regulations and he already declared his intention to run for public office. I might vote for him, only if he removed those stinking pink male urinals.

I also notice these crawling vines all over the MRT railings and its concrete posts. I think it was planted there to add some green and pleasant pink buds to the gray and angry EDSA. I’ve known this plant, which is called Cadena de Amor, because these vines are growing wild in my grandmother’s backyard during my childhood days in Mindoro. Like the persistent talahib grass, it grows even without tending. Cadena de amor always tries to reach for the top, for the highest and when it reach the top it will crown itself with pink little blossoms.

I don’t know, but its crawling vines, dry and dusty leaves, its tiny little blossoms - no longer pink due to terrible pollution, all reminds me of how hard it is to survive and adapt in the city. I’m thinking of this because, I happen to enjoy the simple life in the province. I only got here in Manila when I started college education.

I find it odd. A wild Cadena de Amor trying to fit in the busiest street in Manila. It kept on crawling higher and higher, clinging on to the highest railing. Its soft tendrils always aiming up, never minding what is happening below. It withstand the pollution, the noise, the stink of human absurdity and other elements trying to prevent it from producing those soft little pink buds.

These buds, its crown of glory and triumph over all the negative elements of life, is trying to teach me how to persevere, how to focus on things that are more important and how to love life.

I now understand that sometimes, the best way to deal with negative elements in our life is just neglecting it. We must never waste emotion and time and get involve on things that is beyond our control.

I guess this is my new year’s resolution for 2009.


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