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What 'ya gonna do with those books?

Somebody asked me, what you gonna do with those books after reading them? Hmm well, usually I just stack them and go over it and browse it again when I need some stuff for school.
But most of the time, I just forget about them and can't even remember the title and the author. I really can't rely on my memory.
So, I guess the better thing to do with it is for me to write some review about those books (I guess I should also include movies) and post it on the net. I guess this will also help me a lot in my studies coz next semester I will be doing the bloody thesis manuscript writing.
Therefore, I guess another blog about it will do - and I decided to name it The Geek Bookworm. Hmmm, I'm becoming a heavy blogger now. I don't have posts yet, but here's the link :

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