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Beating the Heat at Bosay

The sun is angry again. After the unusually cold January and February, which was really nice, terrible afternoon heat waves are now visible on the streets like tiny transparent worms eagerly rising to reach the clouds. The mighty sun is determined to burn Metro Manila once again, like last year’s terrible summer. Bored, stressed and suffocated by summer heat – this is a perfect time for a resort gig. We checked out the Bosay Resort in Antipolo last Friday night after work. Set in Antipolo highland, the resort has a natural tranquility and laid back atmosphere. Videoke is up until 12:00 midnight only, a little “kill-joy” policy but it’s good somehow. Worth mentioning is our hand-made fresh salad for dinner and for pulutan. What made it especial? Well, just look at the pictures. He he he.
Here are some of my Kulit moments...

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