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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Power Shift – Forget Trying Hard

My insecurity activated my doubt and began to wonder why I was here. The internal dialogue kicked-in as I began to convinced myself I should stop being on this situation, on this battle against my own self and cut these series of wrong decisions.

I was listening to myself and realize the enormity of my faults.

I asked myself why I was here and what did I want to create or make happen. Am I on the wrong job, in wrong relationship, in a wrong track? As I wait for the answers, I felt tired.

I am riding the sick-cycle-carousel again – it is killing an important part of me, slowly… slowly, until all is gone, inflicting the terrible pain after the fun.

Luckily I got the answer – FORGET TRYING HARD : this will allow life to shift around me.

What I allow myself to focus on is what I tend to see transpire in my life. Therefore the question I must continuously ask myself is, "do I want more of this in my
life? -- if the answer which comes back to me is anything short of an resounding "YES!" then I need to shift my thinking to focus more on what I do want to see happen in my life.

Awareness and knowing when my thoughts are no longer serving to move me in the direction of the goals I have set for myself is an important part of getting back into alignment, back to the place & doing those ongoing actions which are required of me to see my dreams through to completion.

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