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The Dangers of Blogging

I personally believe that blogging fills a need and it definitely opened a few windows to my personal life. The details I shared in my blog posts are always available to my friends and to all online strangers, thus giving me risks that I should not ignore.

Because of blogging something bad happened to my friend James ***details deleted***

This incident makes me realize the dangers of my online blogs and consider a few precautions, which I wanted to share here:
  • I should not post blogs that will attract unwanted attention – like racist comments, unverified information, gossips and hate-blogposts and defamation.
  • If I don’t want something read, I should not post it.
  • Sordid details about my late night gigs will definitely not help me.
  • I should not post too many personal details or personal info of my friends or family.
  • I must treat every blogger the way I want to be treated.
May you all have happy and SAFE blogging!
Happy weekend!


  1. Thanks for the info my fellow what you said,i treat my fellow blogger the way they treat me.
    Kung may di magandang comment sa blog post ko ang ginagawa ko hindi ko pina-publish...

  2. Hehe. Alam ko yan but I would really like to post about religions pero baka biglang mabura blog nang di ko nalalaman.

    Nice one Yodz.

  3. Yes we must have awareness about blogging. You just provide a great info my friend. Thanks

  4. i think posting sordid details about your nightlife will help increase your traffic and will make you an instant celeb. remember Hayden? :-) nice rules, seriously.

  5. oo nga no..
    baka ma-discover pa... nye he he
    thanks sa visit

  6. First, thanks, Yodz for dropping by my blog! Nice of you!

    Second, thanks for this reminder. I'm kinda impulsive sometimes and can't resist my urge to write about anything dictated by my powerful yet unthinking feelings.

    Third, you've got a pretty good blog. Like it!

    Expect more visits from your new friend in cyberspace.

  7. i was treated nag comment sa blog regarding sa religion ko and it hurts me so badly..sana walang gnun..


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