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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Loving the Ropes

It was just a regular chat – nothing serious, nothing so important, just catching up with an old friend.

Then he casually said, “You know what, I can’t imagine myself doing other work other than what I’m doing right now. It is my life and I will be in this field for the rest of my life.” He uttered it with full conviction and enthusiasm.

I don’t know, but I suddenly feel a wave of envy and wish I could say that too. Like a terrible itch I cannot scratch, that feeling got stuck in me, making me feel uneasy for days.

Do I love my job? Am I happy doing this?

There are times when I hate every moment of it. I fill myself with dislike, wishing it was over. I want to be in any place but here. Doing other things but this. A feeling of being like a piece of a tangled yarn – always trying to untangle it, afraid that I will go on doing it for the rest of my life.

Then I end up miserable. Realizing that I waste part of my life to bad feelings.

I then realize that by hating my tasks, time slows to a crawl and I sentenced myself to prolonged suffering. I have to understand and accept the law of cause and effect which forces us take responsibility for our circumstances. I realize that I am where I am as the result of the choices I made, choices that maybe wrong or maybe right, but choices I made nonetheless.

I learned that I can make even a really boring job interesting, if I assert myself. And that I can build relationships & learn things at work that are as valuable as my paycheck, or more so.

I have to remember the Zen adage about “loving the ropes.”

Two people are tied up in chairs with ropes. One person struggles to get free, and ends up bruised, bleeding, and frustrated – and stays just as tightly tied as ever.

The other decides to love the ropes – and the ropes fall right off.

Photo Credit : Katelyn Alain, "Tied" 48x48, 2006


  1. Ganda tol ng message ng post mo na ito...
    mamahalin ko na yung mga lubid dito..literally..lolz!!!

  2. you really made sense on this..something i really need because i felt like just the same..:D siguro nga "familiarity breeds contempt." at ganon din pag dating sa trabaho but it's not always that way..dahil may mga tao na habang tumatagal sa isang bagay, lalo silang napapamahal dito.. :D

  3. Basta lang masaya ka sa ginagawa mo, hindi ka halos makakaramdam ng pagod... Pero di ako naniniwala sa kaibigan mo nung sinabi niyang yun ang gusto niyang gawin for d rest of his life... Time change, and eventually, magbabago na din gusto niya... nagkataon lang siguro na lahat ng pinlano niya noon ay nangyayari na ngayon... pero sigurado akong masaya siya at contented sa trabaho niya sa ngayon! jijijijijiji

  4. nice blog... great choice of words. unfortunately, i quit my job a few weeks ago. i couldnt stand the ropes. i strived to make my job work for me. but the ropes, they were like slowly choking and slowly killing me. there's a balance to everything. we have to hold on as long as we can. but like a dying relationship that cant anymore stand despite all effort to make things work, sometimes the best thing is to get out and move on... or maybe that's just me. ^^

  5. @DEEN
    thanks for the thought provoking comment my friend. Hope your on a good job now.
    I'll catch u around.


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