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Narcissism Epidemic in the Blogosphere

I came across an interesting article in Manila Bulletin [entitled "It’s all about me me me!" August 12, 2009 issue E-1 section], which basically discusses the fact that we’re just all about ourselves these days.

The article quoted Jean Twenge, the author of “
Generation Me” and “The Narcissism Epidemic” (with co-author W.Keith Campbell), who said that;

Today’s new generation think they are so special, where in fact, they are not. Although they have become more confident and assertive they have also turned themselves into a narcissistic and self-centered generation.

A modern narcissist is said to be someone who tends to lack empathy, react aggressively to criticism and favor self-promotion over helping others. Generation today are being portrayed as virtual self-centered zombies who care more about their iPods – highly tech savvies, doing texting, net surfing, blogging, IM, online games, calling on hi-tech mobile phones and watching TV, sometimes all at the same time.

They blame social sites such as Friendster, Facebook, Multiply and Twitter because it shorten attention spans, encourage instant gratification and make the users more self-centered – especially personal blogs.

I don’t know why I instantly had an inkling that this is really what’s going on in the blogosphere, mixed with a guilty feeling that oppressed me for hours, a persuasion that what I’m actually writing here in this blog might be narcissistic, all about me-myself-and-I.

Well, let’s accept that lots of personal blogs are plagued with narcissistic posts – about what they eat, where they go, daily rants, pets etc. Honestly, I’m amused in reading some of them, even if it is just plain personal nonsense rants.

I personally view this as more of self-expression rather being self-centered or narcissistic and I am proud of being in the “Me Generation” if they want to call it that way. I see it more of trying to define myself with this new opportunities, resources and technological avenues for self-expression and self-definition. Aside from personal experiences, reading blogs influences me.

Are you also proud of being on this generation? Any additional thoughts?

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