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Escaping the hullabaloo of my daily life

How does someone who is insanely busy manage to downsize stress? I tried doing it the man’s way – ending a toxic day with vodka and beer, late night gig, sleep-all-day-Saturday, coffee & peanuts, remote control & Sci-fi movies – but on the following day it was too hard to kick-start the whole brain again. Stress just pile up.

In my search to simplify life – and put an end to my fatal indecision – I realized that the perfect way to break the cycle of stress is to have a change of scenery – a day or two with nature best suits me.

Accordingly, I woke up at 6:00 am last Sunday, grabbed few stuff and headed to Subic Bay – Olongapo City with friends. The Master of our laid-up cargo ship, the “MV Pacific Islander II” invited us onboard.

I did hesitate going there a few days before, thinking that holidaying is a waste of time & money and that I should utilized that long weekend – Monday being holiday [National Heroes Day] – for completing my pending office work. It wasn’t until I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and I saw my image as “stuck” – it was like I was frozen, too absorbed in my work, I can’t imagine living any other way.

Then and there I decided I wanted an exciting existence – an uncomplicated, full of adventure, enriching and slow life. By giving myself permission to leave my “cubicled life” and temporarily forget my deliverables, the introspection opened up an exciting alternative to what’s really important.
How about you, how do you downsize stress?
More Photos Here and Scandal Video

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