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The 2009 world’s best country to live in and the worst.

I came across a report based on a UN data released last Monday concluding that the world’s most desirable place to live in is Norway and ranks sub-Saharan African states afflicted by war and HIV/AIDS as the least attractive places.

Some notable facts:
  • Norway, Australia and Iceland had the best living standards, while Niger, Afghanistan and Sierra Leone scored the worst in terms of Human development.
  • Life expectancy in Niger was 50, about 30 years shorter than Norway, according to the index.
  • For every dollar earned per person in Niger, $85 was earned in Norway.
  • Half the people in the poorest 24 countries were illiterate, compared to 20 percent in nations classed as having medium levels of human development.
  • Japanese people lived longer than others, to 82.7 years on average, with life expectancy in war-ravaged Afghanistan just 53.6 years.
  • Liechtenstein has the highest GDP per capita at $85,383 in a tiny principality home to 35, 000 people, 15 banks and more than 100 wealth management companies.
  • People were poorest in the Democratic Republic of Congo, were average income per person was $298 per year.
  • Five countries – China, Venezuela, Peru, Colombia, and France – climbed three or more places from the previous year, driven by greater earnings and longer life expectancy.
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