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Saturday, October 31, 2009

What Happens to I.T. Professionals After They Die

Death is one those subjects we tend not to like talking about, however it still comes to us all in the end. Most people believe in the importance of graves for mourning and remembrance. A headstone, tombstone, or gravestone is always used as a marker, normally carved from stone, placed over or next to the site of a burial in a cemetery or elsewhere. Sometimes it is not only a marker but also carries the personality of the person buried under it.

It starts with a geek coffin

Then the tombstones, which haven’t changed much over the last few centuries and I think these geek ideas of tombstones are cool: 

The Networking Expert

The Programmer

The Web Designer

The Blogger

And of course, the DIGITAL TOMBSTONE
The digital tombstone has a built in weather proof LCD screen which is activated via an infra red sensor when a mourner stops in front of the grave. The screen could then play a history of the deceased life or a recording of the memorial service. It’s not often that gadgets help the grieving process but I do feel that this one could.

Thinking about it, I had an idea about an online virtual graveyard where relatives even when far apart could mourn together yet enjoy watching the life that once was. 
Of course we already have e-Burol, a pioneering program by St. Peter Memorial Chapels, which is an online viewing facility that is specifically designed and created to  allow families  and  relatives abroad to participate in the wake  of  a  deceased loved one minus the cost of traveling to where the remains lie.

I’m now waiting for the first wi-fi tombstone where you can watch in the car if it’s raining.

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