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Yodz Guide To Interpreting Profile Photo on Social Networking Sites

Do you have a photo of your dog as your profile pic on Facebook, Friendster or Multiply? What about a picture of you and your ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend? One buddy I went to college with has an image of his penis (that is what he says) as his profile pic. Every time my female college classmates see it, it weirds them out.

Some believe that having a profile picture… a good profile picture… is one of the most important aspects of online surfing or Facebook profile.

However, I do always think that a profile is not as important as your first approach message… but it is a key element if you are selling yourself (looking for relationship or sex online.)

I don’t know what a lot of netizens think when a “no-face” tries to talk to them on the internet without a picture? Maybe they are thinking… Wow, what a creep. What’s he/she got to hide? He/She probably looks like a disgusting mutant. Gross! Even worse… they might also think you’re just down-right unconfident and insecure.

But, are the impressions of those strangers important? 

So what kind of pictures should I be using?
The study entitled “Is Your Profile Picture Worth 1000 Words? Photo Characteristics Associated with Personality Impression Agreement,” explored the characteristics of the profile photographs and their association with impression agreement. It concludes that the more information the photos contained about the personality of the profile owners, the higher the impression agreement from zero-acquaintance visitors. Profile photos of a human being rather than an animal or non-human object were associated with higher impression agreement. Impression agreement was also higher when the photos revealed facial features (such as smiling) and hairstyles (not obscured by hats), which have been shown in past research to be used appropriately to gauge Extraversion and Agreeableness in strangers (Zebrowitz and Collins 1997).

By the way, here is a supposed-to-be guide for interpreting the profile pictures of your unknown "friends" in Myspace, Facebook, Friendster, etc.


Has acne, possibly mustache if female, nearsighted, cross-eyed.

Eccentric, possibly Japanese
Computer geek, Can't leave childhood

Holding some sort of alcoholic beverage
Funny, laid back
There was never been a photograph taken of them where they weren't holding an alcoholic beverage

Very closely cropped

Jamming on Guitar
He's in a popular band and rocks out all the time

Close-up breasts
Sexy and Naughty

Face at strange, usually downward angle
Eccentric possibly super model
Ugly; this is the only good picture of them ever taken

Dark brooding
Doesn't care
Dangerous, possibly a pirate or a terrorist

Cartoon character, such as Tweety Bird or Bugs Bunny
Cute, playful
Immature, probably fat or ugly

Guy with beard sitting on couch
Sits on a couch a lot, has a beard
Sits on a couch a lot, has a beard

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