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Our Dirty Mind

I admit. I have a dirty mind.

Does it mean my visual sense is not objective? In that there is not a perfect one to one ratio between what I see and how I make sense of what I see compared to you guys?

I think not. Look at these pictures, I’m sure you will also see what I see.

I think our brain interprets what our eyes perceive based not solely on the visual stimuli we are looking at but on our experiences, especially sex.

When looking at these pictures, I think our brain takes in the visual stimuli and then connects it to our sexual experiences, or matching it to our favorite pornography. In other words, we perceive these pictures in the context of what is familiar and previously stored in our brains as meaningfully recognizable.

Ask some small children with no knowledge of sex to tell you what they see in these pictures. Will they perceive the image as adults do? Psychological articles tell us the answer is no. In fact, they will see nine dolphins in a bottle in the last picture, do you see the dolphins? Well, look again. 

Photo Credit: {Last picture} “Message of Love from the Dolphins” by Swiss artist Sandro Del-Prete.
                    {other pictures} via forwarded e-mail

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