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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

How To Have A Bad Day

» Wake up late, in a panic

» Rush to get ready

» Dress hurriedly
» Don't eat breakfast

» Drink lots and lots of coffee

» Cancel gym schedule

» Spend the day without a plan

» Focus on your failures

» Never smile

» Be selfish and unfriendly

» Criticize, blame, and complain

» Think negative thoughts

» Dictate, direct, command

» Always think about salary increase

» Don't forget to nag

» Don't overlook mistakes

» Grumble

» No time for lunch

» Harbor resentment

» Keep rushing

» Don't communicate

» Keep it all to yourself

» Worry about tomorrow

» Be rigid and cranky

» Post negative/hate status on YM, Twitter or Facebook

» Retire with bad thoughts and a full stomach


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