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SMS Advisory » Multiply service will no longer be available starting October 12, 2010

I received a text message (SMS) Free Advisory from 2295 at around 5:32 pm today informing me that Multiply service will no longer be available starting tomorrow, October 12, 2010. The message is official looking, I guess sent by Smart Communications

Here's the actual SMS message:
FREE ADVISORY: We would like to inform you that the Multiply service will no longer be available starting tomorrow, October 12, 2010. Thank you. 

I immediately check out my site for the official announcement but I didn't see any. I googled the announcement but there's no related results. I'm worried because almost all of my personal pictures and videos are stored there. I totally abandoned my Friendster account (for the same reason as yours - all my friends are in Facebook now), but I'm still using Multiply for it's friendly media sharing plus the marketplace feature is quite useful.

Most of the time, these SMS notifications are annoying and misleading. I already requested to turn it off, but still, they keep on sending junk notifications.   

Accordingly, I called Smart customer service (waited 10 minutes - it sucks). I mentioned my concern, to verify if the advisory is official, the customer service guy told me to wait while he is verifying the information. I waited for another  damn 5 minutes, then he just hang-up. Yes, the line just went dead, nothing  - maybe  that's how they are treating pre-paid subscribers.

Anyway I tried calling again, after 20 long minutes I got an answer. The CS Rep said it is not from SMART. She said the advisory was from a third party provider and asked me if I have any push or pull subscription. A push-pull what? 
The bored CS rep. then rephrase her question: "Do you have any SMS alert subscription from other company or online applications?"

I said there was none, then she asked me if I would like to turn off my notifications. I said I've already done that three times, but I'm still receiving alerts - Thank you. I said my courtesy thanks-for-the-help then hang up.    
Just want to share this just in case you also received the same advisory. I hope Multiply is not really closing. Maybe I'll just have to check my Multiply account tomorrow. 

I guess it's just another glitch from Smart Communications' not-so-smart system. Their 888-1111 customer service is definitely a time-waster. 


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