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What Makes Filipino Woman Happy?

What do women want? Freud asked the question nearly 100 years ago and confessed that his "thirty years of research into the feminine soul" left him unable to answer one great question: "What does a woman want?"

This question definitely elicits intense interest among us. That is why statistics is also trying to find answers to this question. Last week, I came across this very interesting article entitled “What makes Women Happy?” by Dr. Romulo A. Virola, Secretary General of the National Statistical Coordination Board (NSCB).

Dr. Virola reported that women in the Philippines rank food a lot higher than their sex life among the main things that make them happy based on the recent NSCB survey. The poll also concluded that, both Filipino men and women ranked family, health and religion in that order as the three most important things that made them happy.

Pinay respondents, however, put food in fifth place, just ahead of work. Love life came 10th and and sex life at 18th, just one rank above the bottom.

For the Pinoy Machos, love life figured in 6th place and sex life 10th, with food at 9th. So you see ladies? Sex is not the only thing occupying Pinoy’s mind – at least food ranked before sex. Ha ha. 

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"This is easy to trivialise, but the unmet expectations for love and sex by either partner can surely lead to problems, and must be managed properly and professionally," Virola wrote on the NSCB website.

Naturally, for the poor Filipinos, men ranked their sex, love lives and food at the top while women said family, love life and food were top of their lists.

I’m not a fan of surveys, especially if you’re measuring happiness because we know that different individuals have different definitions and sources of happiness. Maybe they should include sabong, because it makes my Tatay very happy, or videoke singing because we all love to sing.

For the most part of, the results are obvious. These are literal and basic requirements for human needs and happiness – which reminds me of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.

How about you, what makes you happy?

Source: Virola, Romulo A. "What Makes Women Happy?"

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