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Get Loud! » Me Being Me is Being Loud

Although I’m not Chinese but partly, I also joined in the celebration of the Chinese New Year. I send out Kung Hei Fat Choi greetings and received boxes of sweet tikoy. Yey, thanks to my boss’ Chinese buddies. This celebration coincide with the love month so there’s red red red everywhere – and lots of rabbits too, playboy! So I guess this is the perfect time to get LOUD!!!

Uh, I didn’t hear that - what’s that again? A perfect time to get laid?

NO! I said LOUD not LAID you green rabbit! That’s what you get by watching fireworks too close our putting watusi inside your ears.

What do I mean by being loud

Last year is a crazy year for me (because I’m crazy most of the time.) I mean, my 2010 was super fun. Because, you know what, while scratching my balls one hot afternoon, I realize that sometimes the only way to have a life is to commit to it like crazy. Life is short (maybe that’s why size doesn’t matter). I don’t know how but, time flies. When it’s over, it’s over. So why get so seeeeriouzzz eh? Be LOUD, be happy, be kalog, be with me..he he. Because this year, I intend to be LOUDER!!!

I’m not talking about life after death here. I reserved that topic to Bro. Mike Velarde. Ask him, but don’t forget to bring white hanky and an upside down umbrella.

My point here is to live life, have fun. Be you! That is being loud. This is what I’ll do this year, so watch out.

Me being Me is being Loud

You don’t have to be a philosopher to know some absolute truth. Such as, nobody can make his or her anus smelling fresh all the time or nobody cares if your pubic hair is curly – who wants it straight by the way.

Here’s another truth. On a strict 20th century thinking, who you are and what you want to project doesn’t matter. My point here is, we can’t sacrifice our everyday happiness because of some “status” we are maintaining or some “image” we are protecting.

So here’s what I will do. I will just allow myself to be who I am. I’ll do what brings me joy. Me finding my bold dreams and going after them.

No one will remember me anyway. I might as well stop trying to fit in, stop striving hard, stop pushing, stop being a victim of circumstances and just allow myself to be LOUD and do what I want to do and what makes myself happy.

Being Loud is Being Happy and making others happy

We don’t have that much time left so why worry. This year, I’m also planning to do more videos like this:

That's crazy me on the left side, together with my kulit buddies.

Dreaming Out Loud

This year I will also talk about how I will pursue my outrageous dreams and plans even though others might laugh. Of course it’s not about world peace and saving the world. It’s kindda trivial because I’m planning to have a third career (as if I have one now, ha ha). Details of it will be discussed on my future posts. But still it is my dream and I dare to claim it and commit to it.

Scheming Out Loud

Damn yes, I’m still single. People always make it a big deal but so what. Since I’m planning to be bolder and louder this year I’m planning to kill my torpe self and ask that girl on a date. Yes, that cute former classmate of mine from grad school.

She might reject me, but who cares. No one will remember little unimportant me anyway.

Change is scary. However I have to face my fears and do it anyway. It is scarier to stay stuck where I don’t belong. I don’t want to be like a fish babbling wordless nonsense.

At this point I want to call J-Lo to sing for us…. Calling J-lo hello, where are you.

Alright, I think I’ll just have to sing this.. C’mon join me people!!!

If you want to live your life
Live it all the way and dont you waste it
Every feeling, every beat can be so very sweet
You got to taste it, you got to do it
You got to do it your way
You got to prove it
You got to mean what you say

C'mon people let's get loud


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