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Radiant Beauty in Chaos » Mobile phone photography

Beauty in Chaos
Sunset at Makati City Skyline
I took this while attending a company event last Friday at the Penthouse. 

A glimpse of the fireworks while on our way to Mall of Asia
The Attack of the Ball and the Sperm Cells
Blooming Corals in the Dark Sky
Carousel of Death

Today, I was scheduled to post the last part of our Cebu City Tour which is our Bantayan Island side trip, but I'm suffering blogger's block again. I post these pics just to let you know that I didn't abandoned blogging.   

This is again one of my noob attempt on mobile phone photography last weekend. I know it is not much and I guess the pro's will call it a by-chance photography but I like these images, especially that sunset at the Makati city skyline. 

That sunset reminds me that you can still find beauty in chaos. 

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  1. Great photography. As far as mobile photography is concerned they are excellent photos you have taken.


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