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Trapped Ideas and Laziness » Note on Blog Hiatus Status

I’m busy saving the world (I mean my own personal world) that is why it’s been weeks since my last post and you might think I abandoned blogging, but hell no – this is not yet a zombie blog. Weather can automatically switch me on and off to lazy mode and [damn!] this rainy season puts me on hiatus status. Although, yeah I’m naturally lazy, I admit that.

Work is also eating up lots of my reserved energy and giving me a taste of hell for the past few weeks. It’s work and I already stripped myself the right to complain – because it’s my choice – but hey, I still have the right to rant and I got this blog.

Also, I got this personal project which has something to do with having my own permanent home address (that means I’m getting old and planning to settle down) and that keeps me preoccupied.

Hmmm, excuses, excuses.

I’m monetizing this blog, so I just want to post this note to let the crawlers know this blog is still breathing. For the regular lurkers here (as if there’s any, he he) I’ll do my best to pop up from time to time to share my thoughts and starting next week I want to end yodisphere’s hiatus status (**raising right hand)

You will also notice that this blog is recently focusing on travel posts. I’m thinking of making Travel as my niche but still I don’t want to get stuck on one specific subject (and Travel is quite an expensive niche), although most blog gurus are advising that a niche blog is way better for monetizing and SEO.

Trapped Ideas

Anyway, here’s the list of pending posts sleeping on my drafts folder, which hopefully I can finish before our trip to HK on midweek of July.
» Ilocos Tour Last Part – Batac and Vigan (Calle Crisologo) Tour
» Review: Ace Water Spa Pasig
» Pahiyas Festival Mobile Phone Photography
» Agawan Festival in Quezon
» Sidetrip to Kamay ni Hesus – Quezon
» My List of Top Ten Emerging Influential Blog
» Conquer Mt. Pinatubo
» Book Notes

Voila tout! - That’s all for now and I better get working.

Here I am, here I remain.

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» Zen by gabrielnardelli via DeviantART: Digital Art / Photomanipulation / Surreal

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