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Mt Pinatubo Hiking » Capturing Beauty out of Chaos: Mobile Phone Photography

This is another attempt on mobile phone photography and I think it shows through a little bit of improvement from my previous photos so I´m going to post my Pinatubo set almost entirely, and as such I would like some feedback and advise on my shots because I still find them lacking composition. Sorry about this being such a wall of greens and ashes but the background story in text is rather complex, and deserves a separate post - I’m still editing it (meaning I’m still on lazy-mode) so please bear with me.

I took these photos using my very handy Samsung Galaxy S smartphone during our “Akyat Pinatubo Bloggers Climb for A Cause” last month. Mt. Pinatubo became synonymous with death, destruction and mudflow when it erupted but after a few years, it became a tourist attraction, hence my title “Beauty out of Chaos”

Here take a look:

"Out there"
"Bumpy ride"
"Race to the Horizon"
"Ash Desert"
"White Phantasm"
"Ash Symphony"
"Pinatubo Collage"

"Monuments of Destruction"
"Mystery Mountain"
"Against the White"

"Catching the Fallen Leaf"
"Baptism of the Solitary Wanderer"
"Death of the Evil Tree"
"Ash Caves"
"Pebbled Harmony"
"Rocks in  Bloom"
"Escape of the Ash Leaves"
"Colored Conformity"
"Metamorphosis at Rest"
"Beautiful Lucifer in Paradise"
"Lost Flock"
"Where is Moises"
"Mystery of Death"
"Femme Fatale"


Well, it looks like Google got irritated at me for not writing for so long a time and for my intermittent posts and kicked my adsense and traffic round a bit. As a result I review my dusty drafts folder, cringed a lot for the long list of pending articles and decided to go backwards and abandoned chronological posting of my travel adventures.

I’m still editing my “Spiritual Walk to Pinatubo” so I posted this photo set as teaser. After this, I will post something about my recent trip to Hong Kong going all the way back to my pending post about our Quezon and Vigan escapade.

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