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Yodisphere at One Year » First Year Blog Anniversary

Today just happens to be the first year anniversary of, a blog detailing my life, my travel hacking gigs, commentaries and anything I find amusing.

Some thank you notes, looking back and a peek to the future are in order. has gone through surprising transformations over a year, and that is something that gives me some sense of fulfillment. Looking back, before I made this a hobby, I had no idea what the next year would bring. I could go on writing intermittent posts about how amazing my day was and a handful of my life’s memorable moments [but mostly frustrations]. However, I realized blogging is not about myself so I move on from being sentimental to informative, although some posts still reflects my static career and personal life.

Thank you notes

As you may have noticed, this blog is leaning on travel niche but I don’t want to get trapped on a niche blog so this is still a general lifestyle blog. With that, I want to thank my usual travel buddies – the Eastgate Backfuckers (Gara, Aldan, Anjho, Bar, Bern, Abby, Rhesa) – for being such an awesome roadtrip cronies.      

Also I want to thank inspiring bloggers who make the blogosphere alive and diverse (listed in my blogroll). You may not know it but you keep me inspired and entertained on every bloghopping. Let me also say thanks to all the visitors who shared their thoughts by leaving comments on my posts.

I blog for fun

Although is meant as a small virtual corkboard for me to share my thoughts, I do it for three reasons, as I’ve already mentioned in my About page:
  1. I always felt I have something important to say.
  2. Written words can make me cry.
  3. I want to sleep at night.
But of course more than any other reason, I blog for fun – if it’s becoming a chore, there’s no point in doing this.

Blogging is also my way of sharing my experiences and connecting to the virtual world especially to those who are worthy of listening to and hopefully give something back to the blogosphere and its community of bloggers that has given so much time and effort to share their experiences and expertise to others. But I’ve always felt that I get far more benefit from this than you ever will from reading it.

A peek to the future

I’m a mind mapping freak so I made a plantilla for presented in a mindmap to get a quick view of its current state and future directions. Branches include the current state of my blog, my goals for the coming year and plans for improvement and other perspectives.

These are also the things I learned after a year into the blogosphere which maybe helpful if you are a newbie blogger and want to know basic blogging essentials.

Here it is: (Drag to view nodes)
or Click this link to view larger mind map

Hopefully next year I could give freebies for my second year blog anniversary.

I look forward to a better and useful blog and share more with all of you over the coming years as I strive to make’s mission a reality.

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