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Magic to Success: Money, Love and Health » an Interactive, Theatrical Seminar

How happy are you in your life? How’s your financial state, relationship and health? If you don’t have a 100% YES answer, please attend: 
  • Magic to Success (Money, Love and Health), an Interactive, Theatrical Seminar 
  • Venue: Ortigas Foundation Library, 2nd Floor of Ortigas Building, Ortigas corner Meralco Avenue, Ortigas Center, Pasig City [Please refer to location map below] 
  • Date: October 22, Saturday
  • Time: 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.
  • Seminar Investment: 280.00 Php
To maintain high quality of training, D.E.P. will only accommodate 50 participants on this seminar. There are only a few seats left, so reserve your seat now!
This event is not your typical seminar. They’ll help you define life’s direction; reach for your dreams and use mind tools. You will be asked to put your learning into action within the seminar. They also have actors to play key parts to highlight learning!

I personally attended this seminar during its first run and I was really amazed by its positive impact, I even volunteered on its second run. I highly recommend it to all bloggers, corporate drones, students and anybody who needs a little motivational kick and a fresh dose of success insights.   

You may contact D.E.P. at the following numbers for your tickets: 
  • 0922-7557575
  • 02-3803180 
  • email:
  • you can also leave your questions at the comments section below. 

"Magic to success is very entertaining, funny and educational. The discussion is easy to understand and practical. Keep it up!" – Cherry Arceo

"Dynamic Empowerment’s approach to conducting seminar is very different to other companies. Their technique is very effective specially in engaging their participants to putting their learning into action." - Care de Lusong

"The speaker knows the topic by heart, motivating and realistic in approach." –Nina Alay-ay

About Jordan Willy Patente 
Jordan is the President of Dynamic Empowerment Philippines Co. (DEP) and has been a life and success coach for five years. He conducts motivational talks and directs musical and theatrical productions for individuals, educational institutions and business sectors. Read his Manila Bulltein article compilation HERE  

Jordan is also a columnist at the Manila Bulletin Classifieds, Wednesday and Sunday.  Here's a copy of his latest article, if you missed Manila Bulletin last Wednesday [12 October 2011]

How to own a house
By Jordan Willy Patente

Have you recently thought of getting a new mobile phone? Holidays are coming and some people already have plans of getting new gadgets.

For a new phone, you should have the model name or number, features, benefits, budget and even the place where you’ll source it in mind. Did you know that the process of preparing and selecting a new phone is a simple form of goal setting? Yes, this topic might seem complicated to you but you already know it by heart. You just need to focus your attention to achieving more.

Goal setting is a powerful process of thinking about your ideal future and an effective tool for motivating yourself to turn your vision into reality. With goal setting, life is bountiful.

Begin with an end in mind

If you are excited about getting a new phone, you probably either have a brochure or photo of the model that you want. You can do the same when you want your own house. Once you have identified your working budget, location and house preferences (lot size, number of rooms etc.), have a picture of it (if not applicable draw it) in a place you always see. This way, you constantly remind yourself of what needs to be accomplished. Seeing the outcome will inspire you to focus more attention to your aspiration.

If I want something, I always expose myself to it. I have it beside my bed, on my computer monitor, as my mobile phone wall paper, and if I have a wallet, I’ll definitely carry around the photo with me. This process is an affirmation of me getting whatever is on the photo or something better.  

Follow your road

In goal setting, knowing your path is a MUST. Without a clear direction, you can be in undesired places. Some people still rent an apartment even if they are on their mid-forties because of lack of a goal. This is acceptable except that some people will complain about not having their own property even if it’s not set.

We take short and long roads depending on our destination. If you intend to go to Baguio, you will patiently wait six or more hours in the bus just to get there. Even when it’s exhausting, you bear with it because you know the destination is worth it.

Most of the employees who do not have plans for their future and have no goals for themselves will just spend their hard-earned money on night-outs and newly released gadgets. Only when they are no longer energetic and young will they start thinking of their future. By that time, they can only accomplish so much.
With goals, everything that you do in your life is in reference to your goal. If you want a house, will you be spending a lot on night-outs? Will you be investing so much on new gadgets and luxurious trips?

Write down your goal

A friend had a long and tiring day, but did not accomplish a lot. He was too busy chatting with his colleagues and attended several unnecessary meetings. He missed out one important meeting because he did not note it in his calendar. It is the same scenario that you will face in getting a house. If it’s not written and it’s not set you will end up spending your time and money on things that you do not even desire.

The power of written word is amazing: this will help you visualize where you are heading. If goals are written, it means you have to act upon it.

Owning your dream house would need to be included in your to-do list. At work, we usually write down things that you need to accomplish on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Having check marks on the list are desired, check marks mean progress. Not accomplishing a lot would lead to frustration. To avoid this, we make sure to take necessary actions.

Getting a mobile phone and a house is parallel. Both are easy to accomplish, you just need to use a formula that we all know by heart. Organized planning for your future is 99 percent more effective than accidental success strategy. If you use the tips that are listed here, you will be proud of your accomplishments and even aim for more success. I, for one, still use the above tips and possibilities are endless.  

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