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Bird in Cage infrared shot
Caged in the Wild: A lonely Quail bird in captivity

Quail bird in cage
Imprisoned beauty

Mt. Batulao Photo in Infrared
Mt. Batulao mountain ridges

Mt. Batulao Mountain view
Mt. Batulao: scenic & deadly

White Mountain Grass
Mt. Batulao: The Carpeted Mountain

Mt. Batulao campers
Mt. Batulao: Breathtaking peaks

Portraiture in infrared
Anjho: The Batulao Avatar

Green Rose
Green Rose
I conquered another mountain last Sunday, 20 November 2011; it's the truly  breathtaking Mt. Batulao in Batangas. 

During a short break at one of the peaks of Mt. Batulao, I tried experimenting with my smart phone camera, setting the effects to infrared (negative) mode while randomly shooting scenes and stuff.

Today while doing the draft of my post climb write-up, I browse my visual notes on my phone for ideas and came across this photo set in infrared. I was amazed by the instant effect and decided to post it here as teaser.

More of my Mt. Batulao mountaineering gig soon!

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