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Modern Quality Family Time » The Family That Facebooks Together, Stays Together?

Picture of whole family on Facebook
"Iba na 'pag buhay wifi"
I saw this Bayan DSL Wifi advertisement from yesterday's issue of The Philippine Star and felt something else.  

Facebook offers convenient ways of communication so that every member of a family can keep in touch especially for Pinoys abroad.

However, for a family living on a same house, there are times when personal one-on-one communication between family members falls through the cracks and technology can somehow affect quality family time.

Facebooking are fun, fast-paced tools that we love, but let us remember that most serious conversations still take place offline. 

The ad says, "Iba na 'pag buhay wifi."

Any thoughts on this?

Image Source:
» Bayan DSL Wifi Advertisement. The Philippine Star. February 25, 2012. News Section. Page 5

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