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Holy Week Inspirational Story » On Purifying the World

Image Source: God's Project
While walking on a trail going to Mt. Pulag, a curious mountaineer asks the trail master, How do we purify the world? 

The trail master replied: 

There was once a great Igorot chieftain of the Ibaloi tribe named Apo Idoy. Everyone honored him for his great strength and wisdom, but no one knew whether he was a good man. 

After the Cañao Festival, Apo Idoy and his slave decided to climb Mt. Pulag to give thanks to the mountain gods. While climbing, an earthquake came and part of the trail where they are walking collapsed.

The desperate tribesmen began to dig the rubble. Eventually, they managed to locate the slave. 

He said, “Don’t worry about me. First save the chieftain, who fall somewhere over that tree.” 

The tribesmen removed the rubble from the tree he indicated, and found the chieftain. 

The chieftain said: “Don’t worry about me. First save my slave, who was lying somewhere over that ridge.” 

When we act as this Ibalois did, we are purifying the whole world. 

For the Glory Tribal People praying
Image Source:For the Glory by David Ho
Quick Note: 

Today is the last day of work and most people are going for a break for the Holy Week long vacation. People are now heading for the provinces to spend time with their families, observe lent or just to enjoy a beach somewhere. 

For most of us, this is a time of sacrifice and personal reflection - or of purifying the world perhaps. Everybody has his own way of doing it of course.    
As for me, I'll be climbing Mt. Pulag tomorrow and will be spending two nights there. So I want to leave you this inspirational story because I'll be going offline until Monday next week. 

May you all have a meaningful Holy Week vacation!


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