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[Mobile Snapshot] Goodbye, Summer!

Painting depicting lovely rain on a Vietnamese Village with man on bike
The month of May have been absolutely crazy. I got promoted to a new job and the work was so crazy I barely noticed how quick time was passing by.  Only today did I noticed the almost-regular rain showers in the late afternoons, and it's sad I have to bid the Summer of 2012 farewell.

It also just dawned on me that I haven't posted anything on this blog for one whole month! Hence, this farewell to summer also means having a break on my travel gigs and do something to the pile of pending blog posts on my list. (Yeah, I know this is my lame way of saying, Hello! this blog is not yet abandoned)

By the way, that photo above is a lovely painting by a famous Vietnamese artist hanging on my boss's office. How the artist captured the rain on canvass is just lovely so I took a snapshot.

May you all have a lovely and romantic rainy days ahead!


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