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[Mobile Snapshot] Life is What's Happening When You Are Too Busy to Notice

Under shot of a leaf showing networked veins under the sun

It's easy to get drowned by our everyday activities, to get overwhelmed and be stressed out. But lately, I learned that we don't need grand vacation or travel to an exotic place to recharge and slow down. Beauty is all around us, we just have to look a little bit closer. Sometimes all you need is to stop and look closer at all the beautiful things in your life.  

I'm sharing here beautiful little things in a garden that I captured on my mobile phone. You can also give it a try and be amazed by the results!     

Yellow wild orchid flower in bloom at a garden
Rhythmic lines of leaf against the sun
Wild violet flower in bloom
Single Green Leaf against the sky showing patterns
Yellow Bell Flower in a garden against the blue sky
Wild white lily in bloom in a garden
Garden grasses showing different hues of green
Green dragonfly resting in a yellow bell flower

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