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Not So Inspirational Flood Story » Why (some) People Drown

A man waits for rescuers on the rooftop of a house swamped with floodwaters in Marikina, Metro Manila
Photo Credit: Reuters
PAGASA foisted its red warning, indicating heavy rain and mandatory evacuation in flood-prone areas.

But Juan, living in a Baranggay near Marikina river thinks, "I believe in God, God will save me," and stays put.

As the waters rise, Juan’s neighbor comes by and says, "Juan come with me, we have a truck, we've got to go."

Juan declines, "I believe in God, God will save me."

The waters keep rising, Juan hears the Marikina river third sound alarm so he scrambles to his second floor.
A Baranggay firefighter in a rubber boat comes by. "Get in the boat or you'll drown," he says. Juan again declines, saying, "God will save me."

Finally, the flood waters force Juan to his roof.

A navy helicopter comes by and throws down a rope. "Climb up or you'll drown," the navy yells. "No, I believe in God, I always pray, God will save me," Juan replies.

Shortly after, the house broke up and the flood waters swept Juan away and he drowned.

He arrives in heaven and challenges God. "Why didn't you help me?"
"What do you mean?" God says.

"I did hear your prayers. I sent a neighbor with a truck, a firefighter with a rubber boat and a navy on helicopter. What more were you looking for?”  

Like Juan, many of us wait for something to rescue us while we miss opportunities to help ourselves.

But life isn't like that. Like Juan, if we want things to be different, we have to do something ourselves. We have to learn to recognize opportunities and then grab them.

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