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Villa Sylvia Resort in Nagcarlan » Refreshing Place to Stay on Your Laguna Side Trip

Nagcarlan Laguna Villa Sylvia Resort Long Water SlideRecently, I got a chance to visit the old town of Nagcarlan in  Laguna to attend a two-day HAKAMS basic mountaineering training. We stayed at Villa Sylvia Resort for a night for the activities and I must say the resort is really nice. It's so serene and relaxing. 

I’m not actually a fan of man-made resorts. I prefer beaches or natural rivers but sometimes, a nearby affordable resort is all we need when it comes to a quick weekend getaway. 

So here I want to share some information about Villa Sylvia Resort and also some photos from my mobile phone - just in case you are looking for an affordable place to stay in Nagcarlan. 

Villa Sylvia Resort - A mountain resort

Laguna is blessed with mountains and natural resources, thus ecotourism is very popular and thriving on this part of the Philippines. Its location, being at close distance to Metro Manila makes it an ideal leisure destination to escape the congested metropolis for a while.

Laguna is widely known as the resort capital of Luzon due to its hot spring pools. I remember during my college years, we used to go to Pansol to relax after those very stressful exams.

In contrast to this famous hot springs, there are also cold spring resorts in the towns of Majayjay, Nagcarlan, and Liliw. These cold springs is from the chilly and cold water coming from Mount Banahaw. If you are planning to visit Nagcarlan, you might want to try Villa Sylvia Resort. 

View of Villa Sylvia Resort garden and swimming pool
View of the garden resort from our room
Being one of the pioneer resorts in Laguna, Villa Sylvia Resort is able to maintain its 4 hectares surroundings making it still perfect for nature and countryside trippers. Part of the improvements are facilities for families, company and group outings.

Church inside Villa Sylvia Resort for weddings, mass, baptismal
Small Catholic chapel at the overlooking the whole resort
The resort also added a touch of spirituality by adding a nice chapel at the topmost area of the resort. I find it unusual, to have a church inside a resort, but it perfectly fits the serene surroundings. Also, the chapel makes Villa Sylvia a perfect venue for baptismal, wedding and other catholic family events.     

Villa Sylvia Resort series of nipa cottages beside the swimming pool
Rows of nipa cottages beside the swimming pool
Villa Sylvia Resort also has nice rows of nipa cottages, perfectly located near the pool connected to the resort's main attraction - the double water slide.

Rates for Sheds with table: 
(Nipa Huts:)
Pool Area - P600 to P1000
Batis Area - P300 to P600

Back cottages near the flowing river
Cottages near the "batis"
Hidden cottages located at the back of the resort are also available near the "batis." Some are secluded making it a perfect spot if you want some privacy. 

Private villa with swimming pool in Villa Sylvia Report Nagcarlan Laguna Philippines
Private cottage with a pool

A private cottage overlooking a swimming pool is also available, convenient if you are with a large group.

Guests Rooms: 
Amenities: Non-airconditioned rooms, with electric fans & bathroom/toilet
Location: Near Pool Area
  • Camia (no comfort room) - P1000 - 4 persons
  • Cabin 1 - P1500 - 8 persons ( w/ 4 double deck)
  • Cabin 2 - P1500 - 8 persons ( w/ 4 double deck)
  • Cabin 3 - P1500 - 8 persons ( w/ 4 double deck)
  • Cabin 4 - P1500 - 8 persons ( w/ 4 double deck)
  • Garden room - P2000 - 8 persons 
  • Nipa house - P3000 - 14 persons ( w/ 7 twin beds)
Location: Rooms Near Parking Area
  • Rose - P1600 - 8 persons ( w/ 4 twin beds)
  • Santan - P1600 - 8 persons ( w/ 4 twin beds)
  • Gumamela - P1600 - 8 persons ( w/ 4 twin beds)
  • Orchid - P1800 - 12 persons
  • Staff House - P3500 - 24 persons ( w/ 12 twin beds & tv)
  • Rosal - P1800 - 8 persons (w/ 4 twin beds)
  • Sampaguita - P1800 - 8 persons (w/ 4 twin beds) 
  • Ilang-ilang - P1800 - 8 persons ( w/ 4 twin beds)
  • Cheryl - P2000 - 4 persons (w/tv & 2 twin beds)
  • Andrea - P2000 - 4 persons (w/tv & 2 twin beds)
  • Lucyll - P2500 - 4 persons (w/tv & 2 queen beds)
  • Genevie - P2500 - 4 persons (w/tv & 2 queen beds)
Location: Pool Area
  • Therese - P2500 - 4 persons (w/tv & 2 queen beds) 
  • Nicole - P2500 - 4 persons (w/tv & 2 queen beds)
  • Fatima - P2500 - 4 persons (w/tv & 2 queen beds) 
  • Chloe - P2500 - 4 persons (w/tv & 2 queen beds) 
  • Francine - P2500 - 6 persons (w/ tv & 2 qn beds/1 twin bed) 
  • Katrina - P2500 - 8 persons ( w/tv & 4 twin beds)
Villa Sylvia Resort nipa cottages beside swimming pool with long slide
Long twin water slide connected to the swimming pool.
The centerpiece of Villa Sylvia Resort is its long twin water slide. This is fun not only for kids but also for adults.
Blue swimming pool with wild trees at the background
Main swimming pool with varying depth
The resort has three swimming pools. The main pool located just after the entrance, the pool connected to the water slides and a private pool near the chapel. Guests can also swim at the "batis", a free flowing river at the back of the resort

Day Swimming Entrance Fee:
Adult - P 60.00/person
Child - 50.00/person
FREE Entrance for children below 3 years old

Night Swimming:
Adult - 80.00/person
Child - 70.00/person

Day Swimming : 6am to 6pm
Night Swimming : 6pm to 6am 

Rooms: (Overnight Stay)
  • Check-in time - 1:30 pm 
  • Check-out time - 12:00 nn
Full photo of the mountain resort with main swimming pool, slide and garden
Full view of the pool area
Other Amenities:
  • Free parking area
  • KTV area and game room
  • Basketball court and Tennis court
  • Function Halls (Sawali Pavillion, Intel Pavillion, Mini-pavillion
Two happy kids swimming at flowing river
The "batis" at the back of the resort

Villa Sylvia Resort

Address: Brgy. Banago, Nagcarlan Laguna 
Telephone Number: (049) 563-1810 VING/NORMA
Mobile Number: 09178665798 - LALLY

Edit: as of 07 April 2014: Resort Contact Numbers has been changed. If you have their new contact number, please share on the comment section for reference of other readers.  

The resort requires 30% down payment for room reservation.
They accept down payment thru bank deposit (bank details will be given during reservation) or via GLOBE GCASH

P.S. While you are in Nagcarlan, do not miss visiting these interesting spots: 
These spots are just a tricycle ride away from Villa Sylvia Resort. 

Information such as room rates, contact information and actual photos are correct at the date of posting. I work hard to try to ensure my articles remain up to date. Unfortunately events are always in transition and changes happen without prior notice. With the sheer number of articles on this blog it will not always be possible for me to update everything instantly unless I am made aware of an inaccuracy directly. 

I therefore cannot accept liability for any out of date or inaccurate information that may change or prove inaccurate after the initial creation date of the article. 

If you have any confirmed updates, updated information and something further to say about this resort, please share on the comments section or directly contact me. 

Thank you for visiting my blog.


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