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En Route to the Marlboro Country of Benguet

A man with big horns like the devil in the mountain
{Part III of the series Mt. Pulag via Akiki-Ambangeg Trail » Odyssey to the Playground of the Gods}

We waited for the sun to rise so we can have less fog before we break camp. Re-charged from our good night’s rest, I as well as the rest of the Emerson mountaineers anxiously crossed the Eddet River via a monkey bridge made of metal wires. This is the first excitement of the day, like crossing an enchanting bridge as gateway to a magical Mt. Pulag forest.

Waiting at the other side of the bridge is the looming 80 degrees assault trail patiently waiting like a thin thread snaking upwards. Eddet River is the lower part of Mt. Pulag and other surrounding mountains; hence I can’t help but feel like I’m trapped under massive walls.

Monkey metal bridge used in crossing Eddet River at the Akiki Trail
Monkey bridge made of metal wires at the Akiki Trail  used by mountaineers to cross the Eddet River 
Steep portion of the Akiki Trail. A mountaineer trekking the Akiki trail
A twig used as walking stick is very useful at the Akiki Trail 
We started fighting our way up through wild grasses under sprawling pine. Warming my skin are the occasional sun rays passing through needle-like pine leaves. We instantly gained elevation after trekking for few hours and I can’t help but turn around every now and then to get a glimpse of the magnificent view of the mountains against the clear blue sky. This is the famed part of the trail called the “Marlboro country” of Benguet.

View of the Marlboro Country of Benguet while passing the Akiki Trail going to Mt. Pulag
Breathtaking scenes of the Marlboro Country of Benguet
The overwhelming slopes not far ahead and the barren grassland sprinkled with wild flowers evokes scenes from that Marlboro commercial, hence this part of Benguet became known as the ‘Marlboro country’. 

Cows grazing at the grassland of Benguet at the Akiki Trail of Mt. Pulag
Cow Country: Friendly cows greeting the hikers at the Akiki Trail 
This part is also called the ‘cow country’ because of the local cows lazily grazing at the area.
Scenes at the Akiki Trail going to Mt. Pulag
Amazing panorama and mountain scenes along the Akiki trail 
What I find remarkably amusing is that the scene changes every few hours. I find myself walking in grassland then few hours later I’m under beautiful pine trees and exotic vegetations. 
Part of the Mt. Pulag forest along the Akiki Trail affected by forest fire
Black Pine Trees: Eerie part of the Akiki trail where pine trees become all black due to the forest fire 
We also passed by the eerie burnt forest. This is the part stricken by forest fire happened few years ago. Pine buds and ferns are slowly growing as if the forest is reclaiming its lost beauty.

We reached the saddle grassland just in time for lunch. We took a quick rest then head on to the enchanting mossy forest.  

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