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In Search of Christmas Spirit and Magical Sunset

Colorful giant Christmas Tree against sunset at SM Mall of Asia, San Miguel by the Bay
It’s already a few days before Christmas but I am still a bit struggling with Christmas spirit. I’m not sure if my holiday clock was thrown off-target by work-related stress due to recent news about our yet another company re-organization or due to self-imposed pressure to catch up on some romantic relationship. Probably a bit of both. 

So what to do? Well, maybe if I just go out, visit festive places or do some shopping, Christmas spirit will come. 

So, yesterday we went to SM Mall of Asia for a family dinner. I intentionally go there a few hours in advance to do some personal window shopping – of course I can’t help but notice the magic of this most festive season everywhere – the streets are decorated with colorful lights, shops and businesses are showing off their best Christmas-themed windows to attract customers - so typical at this time of year.

Colorful photo of the giant ferries wheel against the Manila Bay sunset at SM Mall of Asia, San Miguel by the Bay Manila Philippines
At sunset, the whole bay area burst into magical colors - truly a stunning scene!
Also, as a gift to myself, I bought a new Samsung NX1000 camera. It is to level up images on this blog because it’s been a long time since I’ve been using my Galaxy S phone for blogging and also I want to learn some basic photography stuff. To test my new toy, I roam around the mall to take some snapshots.
Panoramic view of SM Mall of Asia and its giant ferries wheel
SM Mall of Asia is packed with fun things to do and amazing scenes to enjoy and you can't go wrong with the classic attractions: colorful rides at San Miguel by the Bay, lots of options for food tripping and of course shopping galore. But what I love is an amazing twist of a mini-theme park at the bay area called San Miguel by the Bay.
Photo of bees against the Manila Bay sunset at SM Mall Area bay area
Busy bees and the Manila Bay sunset
Two riders riding the zipline against the sunset at SM Mall of Asia
It's a bird! It's a plane! It' brother!
Silhouette of Filipino boxer Manny Pacman Pacquio and other Filipino heroes against the Manila Bay sunset at SM Mall of Asia
Silhouettes of Pinoy Heroes

Manila Bay magical sunset
Click photos to enlarge

Panoramic view of the giant ferries wheel and Manila Bay sunset at SM Mall of Asia bay area
Cruise ship sailing towards the Manila bay amazing orange sunset at Manila Bay Philippines
Cruise ship sailing towards the horizon with the setting sun at Manila Bay
I’m lucky because I was able to catch the famed Manila Bay sunset. I took a few random shots while familiarizing myself on the camera settings and I was amazed by the results.

Christmas spirit 
Beautiful Christmas lights on palm trees at SM Mall of Asia, Manila Philippines
Castañas roasting on vending cart along sidewalks of SM Mall of Asia
View of water fountain and colorful giant Christmas tree at SM Mall of Asia in San Miguel by the Bay in Manila Philippines
A few minutes after sunset, the whole bay area was flooded with twinkling colors from Christmas lights and kiddie rides and all other things that makes us feel the spirit of Christmas.
Giant Christmas Tree and colorful water fountain against the dark sky at SM Mall of Asia
Who can imagine Christmas without this towering beauty? Christmas tree is the most important attribute of Christmas.
A child amazed by colorful Christmas Lights

What do you love doing to feel the spirit of Christmas? Do you have any favorite tips? I'd love to hear! 

Merry Christmas! xoxo


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