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Upstairs Bed and Bath » Baguio’s Budget-Savior Accommodation for Backpackers

Photo of a surreal house art
It was because of misadventure or probably wrong planning that we discovered this budget friendly lodge in Baguio City. I and my office mates decided, on the last minute, to attend the Panagbenga Flower Festival. We thought we are already billeted on one of the transient houses in city area but when we got there, the room was already taken and the only option offered by the owner was for us to share a room with another family – of course we decline.

We arrived in Baguio the night before the Panagbenga grand parade, hence all hotels and transient houses are already fully booked. My friend who works on a travel agency tried contacting some of their travel-related clients and luckily referred to us the Upstairs Bed and Bath lodge. Some of the rooms are still under construction that time so even if the only available room still smells of paint, we have no choice but to spend the night there.

The second time I’ve stayed at Upstairs Bed and Bath lodge was, unluckily, also due to some glitch on our itinerary during our trip to Benguet after our Mt. Pulag climb. On our way back to Manila, we got trapped in Benguet due to minor landslide on the highway. They declared it passable after few long hours, thus it is already late in the evening when we arrived in Baguio and I was really very tired to take another long trip from Baguio to Manila so I decided to spend the night there.   

Beyond cheap accommodation

For budget conscious backpacker like me, I don’t really like staying in expensive hotels. I’d rather allot budget on other travel stuff like food and curio items rather than on accommodations. I just don’t see the point of paying a 1K+ Pesos per night for a room I will barely use in most of the day – because of course what’s the point of traveling if you will just stay in your room, not unless you’re on a hotel-cation/stay-cation mode.   

Also, we have this idea that when you book at a really cheap hotel, you also have to expect disappointing services or inadequate amenities.
That is not always the case based on my various experiences – because there are cheap accommodations, which change the concept of low budget accommodation that could exceed our expectations. This is what I experienced at Upstairs Bed and Bath.

Upstairs Bed and Bath

Lodge's Check In/Check Out Time posted at the lobby
Upstairs Bed and Bath, as the name implies is actually a budget hostel which is more like a travelers’ inn where guests can rent beds in a dorm-type room and share bathrooms and other amenities. It is of course different from a hotel or transient houses in Baguio which are usually larger establishments with private bathroom and other basic hotel stuff. 

Photo of the Front Lobby of Upstairs Bed and Bath in Baguio
Organized and clean front desk where smiling staff welcomes the guests
Since it is a backpacker lodge, don't expect a fancy lobby with chandeliers and large sofas. The lodge's reception area is just a small space at the entrance with a counter. Although small, the nice thing about it is their very welcoming and courteous front desk personnel.

Front view of the Upstairs Bed and Bath situated above the Girl Scout of the Philippines office
You may also wonder why it is called "upstairs." Well it is really upstairs because you have to take two sets of stairs going up the entrance lobby from the streets. It is of course not at all surprising because touring Baguio means stiff climbs and sudden winding descent.

Double-deck beds in one of the rooms
Clean and well lighted shower rooms at the right and comfort rooms at the left
Common wash area where you can do your morning rituals
Shower room individually installed with water heater

House Rules


Clean and comfortable beds in one of the dormitory rooms

The facilities in Upstairs Bed and Bath includes: 
  • Free WiFi at the lobby
  • Housekeeping services
  • Fresh linen, towel and pillows
  • Electrical outlets for charging phones/laptops
  • You can also leave your valuables at the counter
  • Common bathrooms and shower rooms.
  • Wash area
Do not expect:
  • Air-conditioning units at the rooms (of course)
  • Television, Refrigerator or other appliances
  • Free mini soap and shampoo
  • Canteen (the area is just in front of SM mall so you can buy stuff there)
  • Parking space

Well lighted hallway going to the washroom
  • It would be nice if rooms are equipped with individual lockboxes in which guests can store their valuables while they are sleeping or when they go out. 
  • CCTV cameras on the hallway or inside the shared-rooms could also add up to guests' feeling of security. 
  • On peak season, expect to share a room with other guests - It is better to make reservation on a  smaller room if you are traveling with a  group (maybe 6-10 pax) so you can all stay at one room.   
Good Points 
  • Conveniently located at the heart of the city - just in front of SM Baguio Mall
  • Walking distance from Victory Liner bus terminal
  • Very affordable (at 250.00 to 300.00 PHP per night) 
  • Courteous and very accommodating staff 
  • Very convenient if you're attending the Panagbenga Flower Festival because at the other side of the street is were the parade is being held. 
  • Perfect for backpackers who just want a bed for a night and for group travel
Upstairs Bed and Bath Contact Information
  • Address: GSP Building, Leonard Wood Road 2600 Baguio City
  • Phone No.074-304-4687   New: 074-446-GO-UP (4687)
  • e-Mail:
  • Facebook Page: Upstairs Bed and Bath 

Image and Information Source: Upstairs Bed & Bath Facebook Page

Disclaimer: As a backpacker I started writing reviews of the accommodation that I stayed. Accordingly, I made a few personal rules to help visitors and readers who are searching for information on these specific establishment: 
   » All photos are taken by myself 
   » What I write is purely my own opinion 
   » I actually stayed in the place
Comments and additional information is much appreciated and very much  welcome in the comments section. Information is correct at the time of posting. I may not be able to update information such as rates, and contact information because I might be busy saving the world.   

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