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Marinduque Hot Springs Resort: Where Summer Backpackers Must Go (But Don’t)

Figurine with blistered face
It’s hot! Where’s one to go?

A cold pool or a beach - that is what summer backpackers need on a scorching hot summer. But what about a short break for a hot spring?

Don’t think I’m writing this to convince you to visit a hot spring on a hot summer; that is completely insane (but could be fun). I’m writing this because it recently occurred to me that, what we did in Marinduque (as backpackers who have no itinerary and has no intention of creating one) could be a fantastic and “hot” experience for anyone who likes random side trips.

So instead of spending the remaining hot afternoon to pass the time talking and laughing about our Bellarocca misadventure, we do a side trip at Marinduque Hot Springs Resort.

Marinduque is not just the place for the renowned Moriones festival, it is also home to some excellent healing hot springs and waterfalls.

Hot spring pools at varying temperatures, said to help increase blood circulation, eliminate toxins from the body and serve to alleviate body aches and pain, and relax the muscles – (probably the whole idea behind Ace Water Spa in Manila).

Hence, when this hot-spring side trip was suggested, I thought that would be perfect because we just arrived that morning from a long jampacked Ro-Ro commute and our muscles, over-all, are achy and tired.

Marinduque Hot Springs and Resort

Entrance of Marinduque Hot Spring Resort in town of Buenavista
Entrance of Marinduque Hot Springs and Resort

Located in Brgy. Malbog in Buenavista is a quaint spa resort called the Marinduque Hot Springs Resort, once known as Susana Hot Spring. This part of Marinduque is blessed with its supply of natural hot spring waters like those hot spring resorts in Pansol Laguna, but not too commercialized.

Aircon cottages at the Marinduque Hot Springs and Resort
Air conditioned rooms of the resort
Bahay kubo inspired cottages at the Marinduque Hot Springs and resort
Convenient bamboo cottages perfect for overnight stay 

We are just dropping by to swim for few hours so we just rented a picnic kiosk - but there are also air-con rooms and cottages for those who want to stay overnight.

Kiddie pool at the Marinduque Hot Springs Resort
Kiddie pool
Main pool inside the Marinduque Hot Springs Resort
Main pool 

There are two hot spring swimming pools, one is for kids and the other one is like an oversized Jacuzzi for adults. There is also a separate private pool but you have to pay higher rate.

Resort signage
No Liquor Please (but you can actually buy booze inside)
Resort rates and other reminders
Reminders at the entrance
Do not expect any other amenities and activities on the resort because it was just a small area. However, our host told us that just nearby is the Malbog Sulfur Hot Spring. There’s the word “sulfur” - that must be some level 3 hot springing gig, so no thanks maybe some other time.

You must go (but don’t..)

The warm water relaxes me and maybe modestly effective on my sore muscles. Also, it’s pretty obvious to all of us that the visit was relaxing somehow, at least to our muscles but definitely not to our skin.
After a few hours of enjoying the pool, we decided to take a shower to wash before we leave and we never thought that was simply the start of our ordeal: the water in shower rooms was about two times hotter.

No cold water available!

But we have to shower (and poop), so the remainder of this side trip was so blisteringly trivial that we endured tingling skin for the rest of the day.

While nursing my blisters, I certainly thought going on a hot spring on a really hot summer day is insane, but unfortunately that’s no way to judge the matter — we do all kinds of crazy things when we travel and it does matter (at least for me) because usually those were the most memorable and fun.

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