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Torrijos Freedom Park » Relaxing Side Trip on your Marinduque Getaway

hover_share Dugong guarding the three mermaids at Torrijos Freedom Park
We’ve done almost half of our travel plans in Marinduque. Still euphoric from attending the Moriones Festival, still full from gorging some local food and tingling sunburn – we came back to town and felt we needed to escape and have some quiet time and just relax.

With that extra time on our hands while in Torrijos,  Marinduque and craving for some space and air, we headed to the Freedom Park, which according to the welcome sign was formerly called the Luneta Park of Torrijos. 

It is about a few minutes walk from the town proper – impressive place where we enjoyed pleasant view of Mt. Malindig and some lazy walk. It would be nice swimming at the beach but we already visited some awesome Marinduque beaches and had enough sun so we just stayed to relax and got totally unplugged from our hectic Marinduque get-away.

hover_share Welcome sign at Freedom Park also knows as Luneta Park
hover_share Three mermaids and a merman at the coast of Torrijos Freedom Park
Over there are three mermaids - and a peeping Siyokoy. The beach landscapes are rugged rocks and blue sea. Doing selfies together with the three mermaids might be tricky due to slippery and sharp coral rocks.

hover_share Stairs leading to the beach area of the park
hover_share Backpackers molesting the mermaids at the Torrijos Freedom Park
We are molesting the mermaids...

When I first saw those mermaids and that siyokoy for the first time it just let my imagination run wild - it seems the syokoy is snooping on the three mermaids to rape them - ha ha.

hover_share Scenic coastal walking and viewing area of the park

Were it not for the clear water, unpolluted fresh air and view of Mt. Malindig you would think somehow you are in Roxas Boulevard, but of course the comparison is totally unfair to this Freedom Park.

hover_share View of Poctoy White Beach from the Freedom Park
View of the Poctoy White Beach from the Freedom park 
hover_share Majestic view of Mt. Malindig from the coast area of the Freedom Park
View of the majestic Mt. Malindig from the park 

On the left side overlooking the bay is a glimpse of the popular Poctoy white beach while on the right side is the towering backdrop of Mt. Malindig, known as the highest mountain in Marinduque.

hover_share Wide grass area of the park for picnics and family activities
hover_share Fountain at the Freedom Park

While its proximity to the town and scenic coast make the Freedom Park an easy quick barkada side trip for us, families and even groups of visitors stayed longer.

hover_share View of Mt. Malindig and grass area of the Freedom Park

The area is wide enough and definitely a refreshing hangout during the scorching summer days. Pavilions, benches and comfort rooms are available so no need to worry if you want to have a family or barkada picnic at the park.

hover_share The Merman or Dugong stalking the three mermaids

And whether you're there for a few hours or until late afternoon, you're guaranteed to marvel the scenic view and some colorful sunset.

hover_share Stone turtle as one of the garden curio items at the Freedom Park

It's hard not to feel “senti” here. If you do, just take a walk or stay on a shade and let the relaxing landscapes and blue waters overwhelm you.

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