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Mag-Aso Falls » What Is So Great About Chasing Waterfalls?

hover_share Like a secret paradise - Mag-aso Falls with its turquoise water and surrounding greenery.
Yes, it appears I have been questioning myself about this – and I do like to pose questions to myself when I feel I need to do so, especially when I’m traveling. It never fails to offer me a refreshing gem of insights at the most unexpected place.  

So what’s so great about chasing waterfalls?

I asked myself this question during our side trip to Mag-aso Falls in Kabankalan City on our Negros Occidental random getaway. 

Under normal circumstances, I would have been at home doing DVD marathons or surfing the internet on weekend or long holidays. But my life’s circumstances ceased to be normal when I discovered the joy of climbing mountains or chasing waterfalls or by just being somewhere. I realized I hate routines.     

It was on this trip to Mag-aso Falls that I had this enlightening observation of the people around me. Maybe it’s a common-sense theory that I had never thought before – or maybe it’s a valid philosophical discovery.

hover_share Stone steps to help visitors pass the clear stream
Man-made stone steps for crossing a stream going up the Mag-Aso Leisure Camp

People tuned with nature are more happy

I was born and raised in the province, where life is simple. The vast rice fields, endless shorelines and crystal clear rivers are our playground. It’s hard to forget those carefree and happy moments with nature. It’s a place where people smile more and say “Kamusta” or “Saan ka galling?” or “Saan ka pupunta?” to whoever they came across the street.  

hover_share Clean streams coming down from Mag-Aso falls
Mag-Aso Falls: this was the sort of places where faeries might live

I therefore conclude that people who are attuned to nature and living simpler life are more grounded and appreciable. They smile more and live longer.

Then I moved to Metro Manila to study college and work. The city where almost everything is human made. The city where if somebody smiled at you on the streets, it’s probably he/she wants to sell you something or ask you for donations. 

The city where guys no longer offer women or older people seats on a crowded bus or train. City dwellers fears human connections. And we call the city dwellers the more civilized and educated people. 

Backpacking is not an escape

hover_share Water tumbled down forming a series of mini-waterfalls
Mag-aso Falls: The water tumbling down the lichen covered rocks in a series of mini-waterfalls.

I’ve been living in the city for a very long time now, and I tend to forget the magic and beauty and the “wildness” of life. I used to asked myself these questions:

Why spend hard-earned money on travel? What’s so great about climbing mountains or being somewhere else? 
What’s so great about chasing waterfalls?

hover_share Mag-aso Falls with its charm can make you fall in love.
It was as if the cascades of water conjured power making us happy and refrehsed and it quite took our breath away. 

Part of me says that if I have to ask myself these kinds of questions, I am better off staying at home and work. Or just follow the metaphorical advise from that epic song Waterfalls 
“Don’t go chasing waterfalls; please stick to the rivers and the lakes that you’re used to.”

hover_share A lone swimmer enjoying the cold water of Mag-aso falls
Mag-aso Falls: Seeing the whole waterfalls was awe inspiring

However, there’s always that part of me whispering “Explore, Dream, Discover”. I can’t resist that surge of adrenaline that comes with discovery – of the many places and myself.

hover_share Wild yellow and red flower blooming at Mag-aso Leisure Camp
Beautiful wild flowers blooming along the waterfalls

A way to grow

hover_share Solitary man watching and admiring the beauty of Mag-aso falls

So the question of what’s so great and exciting about chasing waterfalls does not come from just going there to have a break from the realities of life or escape the corporate grind. For me it’s to drink the richness of life. To be transformed into someone that is more self-aware. A way to grow. To take a look into how much more life and the world has to offer. 

To always be reminded that I must chase waterfalls to keep that part of nature always be forever flowing in me.

About Mag-aso Falls

hover_share Large stone welcome marker of Mag-aso Falls Leisure Camp
Eastgate backpackers souvenir photo at Mag-aso Falls entrance marker
Mag-aso Falls is located at Mag-aso Leisure Camp in Sitio Dug-anon, Barangay Oringao, just a 20-minute drive from the Kabankalan City proper. The city can be reached in less than 2 hours from Bacolod City.
hover_share Stone steps leading up the Mag-aso Falls Leisure Camp
Mag-aso Falls, a 75-foot waterfall, releases smoke-like shower of mist as it cascade down the natural pool with its turquoise green water, hence got its name from the Visayan word “mag aso” that means “smoke

hover_share Swimming pool at the Mag-aso Falls Leisure Camp
Swimming pool at the Mag-aso Falls Leisure Camp
hover_share Nature and man-made swimming pool inside the Mag-aso Falls Leisure Camp

hover_share Scenic arc bridge crossing a lovely stream and Nipa hut at Mag-aso Falls Leisure Camp
Scenic arch bridge and nipa hut perfectly complementing the natural beauty of the Mag-aso Falls Leisure Camp
Mag-aso Leisure Camp also has a swimming pool, two cottages, and shade houses. Entrance fee is PHP 20 per visitor. There are also room accommodation ranging from PHP 1000 per night.

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