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Silanguin Cove » Over the Mountain and Through the Sea

Footprints in the sand along beach of Silanguin Cove hover_share
It began as a simple click on a link on my Facebook timeline, then, an adventure was fulfilled.

Trek and follow the horizon passing various peaks - to a place where waves and sand meets mountains and pine trees. A chance to use my weekends to destress. To be one with the mountains. To cherish the rain and feel the sand on my toes. I met strangers, adventure lovers, new friends. A gratifying experience of nature's wonders all in one place.

Mt. Cinco Picos traverse to Silanguin Cove is a mountain-to-sea adventure, which makes this climb more exciting and memorable. A beach holds a special place in my heart and when I found out that this climb includes a Zambales beach finale, I immediately signed up. 

Back in 2011, we were trapped in Pundaquit and cancelled all our island hopping plans due to typhoon, thus I made a promise to myself that I will go back to this place again – and luckily I got this chance to fulfill that promise.

Over the mountain

The painstakingly long treks are descent-ascent combos mostly over barren fields of cogon grass which totally challenged my endurance. Traversing Mt. Cinco Picos on a clear sunny day could be like hell. Hence, I was just so grateful for the regularly passing gray clouds and intermittent cold rains during our hike. 

It was not a threatening, mad rain, but rather a soft, lovely rain accompanied by subtle, gentle winds from the nearby coves. The air is exquisite and as I walk, I savor each deep breath my lungs take in. It was a perfect rain on a challenging hike. 

The long walk ended at the sandy beach of the serene Silanguin Cove. As soon as I saw the beach, I felt exhilaration and immediately filled with a warm feeling of accomplishment after that exhausting 9-hour continuous trek. 

The irony of it is that I was so thankful for being depleted and exhausted. 

Wish granted, promise fulfilled 

Foot notes Feet Shot at Silanguin Cove Zambales hover_share
Silanguin Cove - my customary #footnote shot

Beach camping on anywhere remote - this is a wish granted. 

I always hope of a chance to go camping on a beach - that tickling sensation of sand between toes, sleeping on a tent, being lulled to sleep by the symphony of crashing waves and waking up breathing in the salt-scented sea breezes. I spent my childhood days playing on a beach, maybe that is why I love all things coastal.

Panorama Shot of Silanguin Cove in Zambales before sunset
Panoramic shot of Silanguin Cove - Click Photo to Enlarge

I can’t help but get hyped up on our stay at Silaguin Cove. I want to enjoy every moment of our stay and while others are busy preparing for dinner and pitching tents, I immediately took a swim – as it was a challenge for me to ignore Silanguin Cove’s calm waters over idyllic backdrop of mountains and rows of pine trees. The beach is isolated and somehow dramatic. 
Goat watching the sunset at the beach of Silanguin Cove in Zambales hover_share
Watching that glitter of gold
Peaceful beach of Silanguin Cove in Zambales hover_share
Idyllic beach of Silanguin Cove
Sun shining against the pine trees along the beach of Silanguin Cove hover_share
Pine trees along the coast line of Silanguin Cove
What is also unique about this beach is that lovely pine trees are scattered along the coast instead of the usual coconut trees. 

Banca rowing against the calm waters of Silnaguin Cove in Zambales  hover_share
Calm waters of  Silanguin Cove perfect for rowing 
Sunset against a boat on a cloudy day in Silanguin Cove hover_share
Cloudy day sunset
We are not favored with a colorful sunset due to scattered gray clouds so we just enjoyed swimming at the beach and tried rowing a banca. 

Goats lined up beach hopping at Silanguin Cove hover_share
Beach Hopping - more fun in Silanguin Cove

Romantic morning at Silanguin Cove in Zambales hover_share
Drama, romance and a bit of mystery
As dusk fell, and a heavy lonely layers of clouds crawled above the cove threatening a heavy rain, I immediately pitched my tent and checked what I’ll have for dinner. However, I felt Silanguin Coves' refreshing waters already cured my inner hunger and nourished my body – I felt rejuvenated. 

Silanguin Cove lovely beaach panoramic shot before sunset
Golden streaks on the waters - Panoramic shot of Silanguin Cove - CLICK PHOTO TO ENLARGE 
There was no moon and stars to play with and the rains occasionally passed through. 

A perfect night to share stories over rounds of rhum. The challenging questions posed to all was - "Why you climb mountains? What is something unique about you? Crazy and unforgettable experience you had. 

The funny stories, laughter and the crazy conversations sent us all to peaceful sleep against the pounding rains.

Through the sea 

A new day began. 

A photographer waiting for the golden hour - Silanguin Cove
Waiting for the golden hour - Click Photo to Enlarge
As we are having our breakfast, our guide Kuya August, alarmingly informed us that we have to cancel our island hopping side trips and the visit to Capones lighthouse due to upcoming typhoon. We have to immediately break camp.  

Man looking out on a rocky island hover_share
Sir Gerry on the look out

The next challenge is to beat the upcoming typhoon. It is very much possible that we cannot cross the sea from Silanguin Cove going to mainland of Pundaquit and we will have no choice but to cross Mt. Cinco Picos again and brave the exhausting trek back to Sitio Cawag jump off - else we will be trapped at Silanguin Cove.

It was a possibility, a traverse-reverse scenario, well explained to us by Sir Gerry before we depart from Pasay Bus Terminal – a challenge we all accepted nonetheless. That was the beauty of being with a group of people with cravings for adventure – no room for prima-donnas, I’m sure you know the type. 

Boat riding the monstrous waves hover_share
This is definitely not your usual island-hopping boat ride 

We shared our last moments together on a two-hour roller-coaster motorized banca ride from Silanguin Cove going to Pundaquit.
Surrounded by adventurous spirits and nature’s beauty, this Mt. Cinco Picos-Silanguin Cove mountain-to-sea adventure was truly gratifying and memorable.

As I took a last look at the small islands visible from the Pundaquit beach, I was left longing for more moments and adventure like this.

We said our goodbyes at the Olongapo bus terminal – but this parting won’t last long. 

Mountaineers trekking the sandy beach of Pundaquit hover_share
The perfect last part of the trail....

I am hoping more adventures will surely allow our paths to cross again. 

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