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Great Summer Calls for Great Photos

Photographs are considered as integral part of man’s existence since its inception back in the 1800’s. A breakthrough that gave a portraitist and its subject time saving and an ease to a consistently excruciating pose to achieve such perfection of a desired imagery. 

Capturing the precise moment.
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Most of us may not know Lisa Gherardini, She is known as the lady who holds the title of the most parodied, most sung, most visited and the best known work of art in the world.

Image Credit Link: Wikipedia
Her portraitist, is also known as an inventor, sculptor, architect, scientist, musician, mathematician, engineer, anatomist, amongst the long list of his designation. Leonardo Da Vinci, believed to have worked on his Mona Lisa between 1503- 1506. Finished it 1517.

In order for one to accomplish such perfection in imagery, one should have utmost creativity, passion and talent to produce a grand artful output.

Beauty and Talent can strike you a Home Run.

Nowadays one need not be a superb artist nor professional photographer to capture precious fambam moment, summer outdoor activities and amazing rendezvous, on or below sea level. Facilities offering extreme adventures such as Zip line and the likes are mushrooming everywhere. Active lifestyle is the in-thing that needs a gadget that corresponds and chronicles each memorable experience. 

Cd-r King, Your one-stop media provider offer its patron, The Action Cam.

It has a waterproof casing with waterproof rating of IP68 (Ingress Protection). Cd-R King’s
Action Cam carries an LCD Display of 1.5" TFT (Thin Film Translator) and is HDMI 1080p capable with Image Resolution capacity of 4000x3000/3648x2736/3264x2448/2560x1920 and Video Resolution of 1920x1080@30FPS1280x720@60FPS/1280x720@FPS.

Official Specification:

Mode: Capture/Video/Setup/Playback
File Format: MOV (H.264)/jpeg
Lens View Angle: 120 degree
Build in Wifi: IEEE 802.11B/G/N
I/O port: Mini HDMI/Micro USB
USB 2.0 Interface
Charging time: up to 5 hrs
Actual usage time: up to 1.5hours
Supports: Micro SD card up to 32 GB
Battery: 1000mAh

Please also check out this youtube link of the actual footage taken using the action cam for video reference:

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