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Hay Point Coal Terminal, Australia - Filipino Seaman Crew Change Guide & Port Information

Port of Hay Point, Australia.
Source: The Mackay Region
Hay Point Coal Terminal comprises 3 x berths and 3 x shiploaders where each vessel will be allocated 1 x shore side ship loader at effective load rate 6000 mt per hour. Port and berth is deep drafted and successfully loads large cape size 180,000 DWT. Any Passage though Torres Strait is tidally draft restricted to 12,2 metre MSD , else vessel may sail out via Hydrographers Passage with compulsory pilot Aud 8900 net per transit, or may deviate 14 hours north and exit reef via Palm Passage by Master self pilot as permitted basis all charts on board.

Port Name    : Hay Point Coal Terminal , near Mackay QLD
Country        : Australia

Nearest Airport (Domestic)        : Mackay domestic airport
Nearest Airport (International)  : Brisbane

Estimated time of travel from airport to seaport (vice versa): Allow ½ hr at Airport , 1 hr travel, + ½ hr at Terminal to board = say total around 2 hrs

Estimated time of travel from seaport to anchorage via helicopter: Allow ½ hr at the Airport / transfer + 20 mins heli ride = say abt 1 hr

To meet and transfer any crew from Mackay domestic airport to local heli pad is Aud $ 120 office day light hours week day and Aud $ 240 if weekend or holiday - day light Heli transfer only. Arrange International flight to Brisbane where there are 4 connecting domestic morning flights Brisbane to Mackay daily. 

Local Mackay is the gateway to the Great Barrier Reef and accommodation is about Adlr $ 420 per night per man incl meals but accommodation is extremely difficult to obtain in holiday and summer season 1 December to February.

Helicopter charter costs to connect crew or charts at anchorage Aud $ 1800 per 40 minute trip max 3 passengers and max 300 kg including luggage. Launch service is NOT available at this open sea port / private coal terminal facility.

Australian Immigration officers are required to attend to inspect the luggage of any off signer and if the flights booked by your office do eventuate in overtime hours or weekends the Govt will levy a $ 350 surcharge for their inspection service.

Possible Flight Route: Sample Only

PR 507       MNL / SIN    0955 / 1340
QF 052       SIN / BNE    2040 / 0605
QF2512       BNE / MKY    0935 / 1125 

QF5889     MKY / BNE   2205 / 2335
EK 433      BNE / SIN   0235 / 0815
PR 508      SIN / MNL   1430 / 1830

Visa Requirement for Filipino Seaman / Seafarer: 

As per Australian Dept of Immigration, all crew are to have two separate and valid forms of identification, being
Passport and Seamans cdc book. In addition, the Aust Govt has legislated that all foreign sea crew must have an Australian issued Maritime Crew Visa ( MCV ) and non compliance will result in infringement and Aud $ 5000 penalty per crewman against the Master.

Australian based company / agent can not apply on crew behalf for MCV and same must be obtained prior to arrival from the Australian Dept of Immigration whom have staff ready to assist / arrange your Australian Maritime Crew Visa via internet Therefore any joining crew must have a valid visa to board the International flight to Australia and MCV to board and sail overseas with the vessel. 

Owners supervisors or technicians require separate Border 402 class as crew visa is not correct type of visa for owns reps unless sailing with the vessel. 

The Australian Government does NOT APPROVE OK to board procedures.

Possible Crew Handling Agent:

Wills Shipping Pty Ltd
Head office ,Sydney NSW Australia 2067
fax 61-2-9882 2628
tele 61-2-9882 3441


For any courier or small spares , please Do NOT send any DHL parcel as DHL solicit extra costs to deliver which practise and costs are not accepted by our agency, Send FEDEX , UPS , or any other but NOT DHL please. Outside of any potential customs clearance charges, we bring to your attention HM Customs Admin charge US $ 120 per con note / AWB for permission to connect or lands good from Vessel with Master to settle in cash on delivery on berthing

Any spares less than 10 kg may be sent by courier direct to our local office as per letterhead , however for spares over 10 Kg expect will need to be customs cleared at Brisbane Intl Airport where we will need to On forward the 1600 kms to load port near Mackay.

Expect for spares to 10 - 20 Kg = Aud 900
Expect spares 20 - 40 Kg = Aud 1200

Over 40 kg will be subject to weight and note , any large or over dimensional spares will not be permitted across
shippers jetty and may need to be per slung and connected via helicopter at anchor at Aud 1800 for max 300 Kg.

Medicines and gas detectors which contain small bottles of gas are a prohibited entry to Australia and withheld by Aust Customs. Due to common / sudden change in berthing schedules the most efficient manner for crew changes for vessels fixed to load coal ex Hay Point is to engage a helicopter landing on ships deck whilst vessel is safe at anchor prior to berth turn which is permitted.

Vessels are NOT permitted to immobilise alongside load berths , but same may be arranged whilst waiting at anchorage.

Local ship chandlers operating the sole cold store are Southern Cross Marine PIC Mr Lisle Jacobsen and pls contact them for any stores or supply Master SIM cards

There is NO fresh water and NO Bunker facility at port , anchorage or load berth with nearest bunker barge HFO facility Gladstone , 20 hrs steaming south. There is NO barge or launch service due to open sea conditions Bagged dry garbage may be landed free of charge, but no wet or sludge facility is available. No costs for watchman against the Master or owners. No costs for shore leave however as it is 120 km round trip to town from DBCT berths, costs of Seamans Mission.

Bus is approx. Aud 240 per trip. Charge for Quarantine to attend and re issue SSEC is approx. Aud 900 basis vessel pasts first inspection along with pratique inspection to be undertaken soon after berthing , If any re inspection is required, expect Qtine surcharge Aud 800 for each extra attendance / re inspection. Any trip to town - Mackay ( 120 kms round trip ) for legal / lawyer and or notary , would expect costs about Aud 2000 subject to lawyers availability / no after hours and no weekends, Vessel will be supplied by shippers with the Shippers IMO bulk declaration form to carry coal immediately prior to berth turn.

Port and anchorage lies within the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park and no underwater hull cleaning is permitted although propeller clean may be granted under emergency situations. Note, Due to daily 6 metre tides and 3 – 5 metre swell there is no reliable dive services in this region.

For CTM , Local Banks do not hold or trade in foreign US $ currency and head office of Aust banks do require 5 working days to position foreign US $ cash to remote out ports where bank / insurance and armed guard delivery cost is 4.6 % with a min charge of US $600 and therefore for US $ 20,000 please add and remit usdlr $ 20920

Hay Point Coal Terminal is operating under security level one and the local terminal representative will supply the balance of formalities to the master on berthing.

port security level : 1
port facility name : Hay Point Coal Terminal
pfs officer name : Mr Jamie Donnes
contact info : ph: +61 7 49435232 mob: +61 467708845
other safety info :
24 hour port facility security duty officer contact numbers
shift operations f'man office +61 49435217
main gatehouse / security guards ph: +61 7 49438209

NOTE: The purpose of this post is for immediate information only when conducting crew change or replacement of Filipino crew / seaman at Port of Hay Point Coal Terminal, Australia. This is also for guidance of crewing officers, crewing manager & crew operation staff, especially for ship manning agent in the Philippines.   

Above information is based on collected data only. Please send inquiry to your crew handling agent for further updates. Please also share your updated information on the comments section.

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