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Pinto Art Museum in Antipolo - Your door to mixed emotions: Prepare to be SAD!

Let's enter through a series of mismatched doors....
Feel immersed and absorbed in the natural world....
A visual journey through life... 
suppressed emotions....
and sadness....

Just a quick tricycle ride within the Antipolo city area, you can quickly enter this world where art fuses with nature. Quickly pay the admission fee, leave some of your stuff in the baggage counter, get a guide map and off you go!

Pinto Art Museum is not one but a set of white-washed buildings that spread across 1.3 hectares of hills in Antipolo, North of Manila. There are 6 galleries, lot's of gardens, amphitheater, museum shop and restaurant. It will take you approximately 2-3 hours to explore the whole area. 

Pinto means door in Tagalog.

The whole museum perfectly blends with nature. The gardens, the buildings, the connecting pathways and bridges truly make this place scenic and beautiful to explore. Exploring the area can be tiring due to lots of stairs but day beds have been strategically placed in shady areas for a quick rest.

Airy hallways, crooked windows and small rooms buried into the seams of the buildings offer a day of exploration.

While Pinto is primarily a museum, the gallery also houses the Pinto Academy, a school for the visual arts & sciences, healing & wellness. It’s an educational as well as art journey that can be appreciated by all ages.

There are lots of interesting art works that fuses with nature, such as this really compelling sculptures on a pond of water lilies.

Hidden in one corner is a darkened forest room where large rocks are suspended over small pools of water. The silence and darkness make for a contemplative mood. For a yoga & meditation fan like me - I kind of really like this area. 

There is also the sculpture of Sisyphus, that guy in Greek mythology condemned to pushing a boulder up a mountain, only to see it roll down again. A nice reminder about the absurdity of life.

So many people just walking around, taking selfies, taking Instagram photos - and ironically there's this thought provoking scuplture of Narcissus - of course you know the story - and the origin of the term narcissism?

There are lots of other fascinating stuff around such as this animation toy called Zoetrope, some items relating to Filipino social and political consciousness, lot's of stuff about religion, nature, and other thought provoking art installations. 

But there are so many artworks and sculpture that will really try to evoke emotions. Like this noteworthy sculpture evoking mother's patience and love or old age and serenity.

or that wishful dreamy thoughts to just escape problems and dissipate and vanished.   

There's also this clay sculptures evoking pain.... and longing.... or sadness, hearthace, grief, misery, regrets.....

Well this is really a world of mixed emotions...


So if you feel malling is a bit mind numbing and typical, why not visit this place.

Admission Fee is 200 Pesos for Adults and 3 year olds and below is Free. 
Senior Citizens or PWD is 180 Pesos & 100 Pesos for students. 

Pinto Art Museum is open from Tuesdays-Sundays at 9am-6pm. Free guided tours are available and run about 2 hours.

On your way home you can drop by Antipolo Cathedral and buy some pasalubong!

So that's it. But lastly, don't forget to write your comments below. I will also share more videos so please subscribe! 

Happy exploring!

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